Coal for Christmas! 15 Sweet Treats for Naughty Boys and Girls

Who says you can’t have fun with the ‘naughty’ tots in your life?! Whether your kids have been naughty or nice, they’re going to love digging into a plate of coal-inspired treats. There’s something hilarious about pretending you’re getting nothing but coal for the holidays — especially when you get to nibble and munch on crunchy treats that are as cute as they are cool. Or is that “coal”? Whatever the proper term, one thing is for sure, these 15 fun ideas are worth popping in a stocking or two before Santa arrives!

  • Coal for Christmas! 1 of 16

    All you get for Christmas is a pack of coal! And maybe a few yummy coal-inspired snacks to nibble on!

  • Coal Marshmallows 2 of 16

    These naughty treats are made by flattening marshmallows and dipping in black chocolate and sprinkles!

    Get the idea from HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS

  • Chocolate Coal 3 of 16

    Melt chocolate and pour in molds for a naughty but nice treat!

    Get the idea from THE PARTY WAGON

  • Lump Of Coal Cookies 4 of 16

    Although these cookies look like coal, the naughty individual will know they're in for a real treat with the first bite!

    Get the recipe from MAKE BAKE CELEBRATE

  • Coal Gumballs 5 of 16

    Download free coal printables and stuff someone's stocking with this edible coal treat!

    Get the idea from BLOOM DESIGNS

  • Chocolate Charcoal Lumps 6 of 16

    Cocoa Puffs cereal dipped in melted chocolate and marshmallows create these tasty stocking stuffers!

    Get the recipe from BETTY CROCKER

  • Coal Cake Pops 7 of 16

    Flag your chocolate cake pops with naughty and nice labels, and see which one your kids pick!

    Get the idea from HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS

  • Coal Rice Krispie Treats 8 of 16

    Give someone a bagful of coal this Christmas — don't expect them to share these delicious treats!

    Get the recipe from MALLOW AND CO

  • Mini Marshmallow Coal 9 of 16

    At first glance your child may frown, but once they taste what's inside this bag, they'll be all smiles!

    Get the recipe from I HEART NAPTIME

  • Coal Cupcakes 10 of 16

    Print out these coal cart cupcake wrappers, and use crushed cookies to give your kids a heaping load of sweet coal! 

    Get the recipe from SPOONFUL

  • Oreo Rice Krispie Coal 11 of 16

    Add some crushed Oreo cookies to your Rice Krispie coal to make it extra yummy!

    Get the recipe from HAPPILY EVER CRAFTER

  • Coal Cookies 12 of 16

    These soft, sticky cookies are made with Oreos, marshmallows, and butter — way better than eating real coal! 

    Get the recipe from MORE STYLE THAN CASH

  • Coal Popcorn 13 of 16

    Candy canes, Oreos, and almond bark make this coal popcorn taste exceptionally good!

    Get the recipe form IT'S WRITTEN ON THE WALL

  • Christmas Coal Candy 14 of 16

    This candy looks so much like coal that it will truly fool even older kids and adults!

    Get the recipe from SPRINKLE BAKES

  • District 12 Coal Cookies 15 of 16

    These cookies have a touch of cayenne pepper for the truly adventurous eater!

    Get the recipe on INSTRUCTABLES

  • Lump Of Coal Christmas Cookies 16 of 16

    Prank your kids with these yummy sugar cookies in disguise!

    Get the recipe from SWEET 2 EAT

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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