Cookbook Perfection: Spilling the Beans

Learning to cook delicious meals using healthy ingredients is a snap in this new cookbook by one of my favorite authors (and fellow Family Kitchen writer) Julie Van Rosendaal. Julie has a gift in the kitchen, turning out recipe after recipe of simple, straightforward foods that my family will actually eat. Spilling the Beans is an incredible resource (and absolutely gorgeous one, too!) for those new to cooking with legumes, as well as those who already know their way around soaking beans and pressure cooking.

With humorous anecdotes and current factoids on health, Julie and co-writer Sue explain everything from the truth behind beans and flatulence to demystifying the simple process of soaking and cooking dried beans and lentils. At a time when eating foods that are as good for the environment as they are for us is a growing concern, whole, healthy, high-fiber foods such as beans and grains are in high demand. Helpful info from gastroentrologist Dr. Guido Van Rosendaal also highlights the physical benefits of incorporating more legumes and whole grains into our everyday diets. Spilling the Beans covers it all, from how to cook up beans and grains, to how to add healthy fiber to your favorite desserts. An entire section on baking delicious desserts with beans amps up cakes, bars, and cookies with flavor and fiber.

If you’ve been looking for a away to include less meat and more beans in your diet, this book should be the first one you grab to help you accomplish such a worthy goal.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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