Cooking Fails, To Make Me Feel Better

I attempted to make an easy light ice cream, as in no cook, less fat. I failed and decided to leave it to the pro’s (I’m not gonna beat Dryer’s slow churned light). My ego was still bruised so I did what any normal person would do and I went online to find worse failures than my own. Always a pick-me-up. I thought I would share my new found joyous ego and give those of you who don’t turn out a perfect dish a little ego boost too. Now I’m off to make some glorious toast.

*Photo Credit Bravery AffairsOfLiving

  • Frosting 1 of 11
    This was supposed to be frosting?!
    Photo Credit AffairsOfLiving
  • Pizza? 2 of 11
    Feeling better already
    Photo Credit FoodSuffs
  • Burned Pot 3 of 11
    Burned Pot
    Like I would ever do this
    Photo Credit travelblog
  • Unidentifiable Muffin 4 of 11
    Unidentifiable Muffin
    At least I didn't poison myself
    Photo Credit AffairsOfLiving
  • Ham and Cream Fusilli 5 of 11
    Ham and Cream Fusilli
    This just looks disgusting. (I may eat it though, there's ham and cream and pasta)
    Photo Credit Brook Cookie Jar
  • Boiled Bok Choy 6 of 11
    Boiled Bok Choy
    I make really good bok choy, snicker
    Photo Credit AffairsOfLiving
  • Burned on Food 7 of 11
    Burned on Food
    I've never failed that badly (knock on wood)
    Photo Credit Fiesta Farms
  • Pumpkin Waffle 8 of 11
    Pumpkin Waffle
    Two words (with a hyphen) clean-up
    Photo Credit AffairsOfLiving
  • Raw Cake 9 of 11
    Raw Cake
    How do you not test a cake before taking it out of the oven? Yay, feeling so much better!
    Photo Credit Sentence Diary
  • Chocolate Cupcakes 10 of 11
    Chocolate Cupcakes
    What on Earth?!
    Photo Credit AffairsOfLiving
  • Flour disaster 11 of 11
    Flour disaster
    Glad my fail didn't involve this kind of clean-up.
    Photo Credit thefrugalgirl

Thank you to those who have so bravely posted your failures to help me feel better about myself.

An extra special thanks to Affairs of Living I just love you and I feel normal again.

More gross food…and even more!



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