Crazy Cola: Weird Soda Flavors You Won’t Believe

People around the globe have different tastes when it comes to their favorite soft drinks. Popular soda companies like Pepsi, CocaCola and Jones Soda Co. have done their homework and produced some… well, let’s just say… interesting flavors. Some are intriguing, some are scandalous and others seem like they would be just downright unappetizing.

1. Bacon Flavored Soda

Jones Soda Company is known for coming up with crazy flavors. Would you try bacon flavored soda?
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2. Candy Corn Soda

Jones Soda Company released a limited edition Halloween flavors
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3.  Turkey and Gravy Soda

Jones Soda Company does it again with this wild beverage.
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 4. Bubble Gum Soda



Soda that tastes like gum does not sound appealing.
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 5. Yogurt Flavored Pepsi


Does this sound good to you?
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6. Black Garlic Soda

Garlic? Soda? Well, that is definitely different.
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7. Brussels Sprout Soda

Come on Jones Soda Co! We have a hard enough time eating real brussels sprouts!
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8. Easter Peeps Flavored Pop

Jones strikes again with this Easter pack that tastes like it’s fresh from the Easter Bunny!
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9. Pick Your Flavor Soda

Here’s a wild idea! Create your own flavor combinations (up to 64 varieties) every time you take a sip!
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10. Japan’s Red Bean Pepsi


Red bean ice cream is very good so maybe we would give this a try.
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11. Ice Cucumber Pepsi


Pepsi has created some different flavors for the Japanese market. Cucumber? No thanks.
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We want to hear from you. Which of these flavors would you try and which do you think are just plain wrong?  You won’t believe some of these drinks! Cheers!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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