30 Crazy, Wacky and Useless Kitchen Gadgets

I have found an endless supply of kitchen gadgets, some I can’t live without, other crack me up, some make me want to lose my lunch, while others will just end up as landfill. Over the years, I have definitely given and received my share of crazy, wacky, and useless kitchen gadgets, but some of these top them all. Are you a fan or foe? ┬áLet us know if you are guilty of loving these gadgets?

  • Pizza Scissors 1 of 30
    What's the point of having a slice holder attached to scissors? Isn't the point of pizza to use your hands? And cutting pizza with scissors, what?!
  • Bottle Brush 2 of 30
    Because pouring it out of the bottle and using a separate brush is just asking to much of us.
  • Easy Pour for Bottles 3 of 30
    This thing is huge. I would need to rent a storage unit just for it.
  • Square Egg 4 of 30
    Need I say more?
  • Egg Separator 5 of 30
    Why make a gross job even grosser?
  • Hot Dog and Bun Cooker 6 of 30
    No this is not happening. Is this for real or am I having a landfill nightmare?
  • Stuffed Burger maker 7 of 30
    Look at the size of the patty! A little portion control, please.
  • Microwave Omelette 8 of 30
    What's wrong with round? You could always fold it in half once it's cooked.
  • Bag Holder 9 of 30
    Would I really be happier having one of these? Nope.
  • Onion Slicer 10 of 30
    Ha! My mom has/had one of these and raved about it. I said it was silly and to prove me wrong. She put in an onion, the thing would not slice it and she pressed hard and it busted. The end.
  • Burger Form 11 of 30
    This is just disgusting.
  • Banana Slicer 12 of 30
    Because banana's are really tough to slice.
  • Eatmecrunchy Cereal bowl 13 of 30
    It really is a tragedy when our cereal gets soft. Come on!
  • Fondue set 14 of 30
    I just hate these.
  • Pizza Cooker 15 of 30
    For the person with a 5000 sq ft kitchen trying to fill cupboards
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly spreader 16 of 30
    I can see myself grabbing the dirty peanut butter end to spread the jelly.
  • Stove Scrubber 17 of 30
    But I like elbow grease.
  • Cookie Dough Scoop 18 of 30
    How am I supposed to eat the leftover dough off this?
  • Food Processor 19 of 30
    Huge, scary, hard to clean and nothing a stick blender or blender or knife can't do!
  • Strawberry Slicer set 20 of 30
    You've gotta really like strawberries.
  • Sponge Gloves 21 of 30
    I secretly want these.
  • Popcorn Maker 22 of 30
    What's wrong with a pot?
  • Individual burger maker 23 of 30
  • Herb Scissors 24 of 30
    Because knives are so last season
  • Water Bottle ice cube tray 25 of 30
    You should not be using a disposable water bottle with the tiny opening anyway.
  • Cupcake Maker 26 of 30
    Is there something so wrong with the muffin pan?
  • Chop Stir 27 of 30
    For those who eat a lot of ground beef?
  • Oven Rack Pull 28 of 30
    When a mitt just won't cut it.
  • Microwave Smore’s maker 29 of 30
    Let's see, where can I put this one?
  • Milk carton holder 30 of 30
    What happens if you buy a gallon?

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roll n pour s’mores square egg hot dog cooker carton holder ice cube tray egg separator fondue set sponge gloves banana slicer pizza scissors palm scrubber cookie dough scoop chop stir food processor cupcake maker popcorn maker herb scissors stuffed burger burger patty maker onion chopper single burger cooker pizza pizzazz microwave omelette bottle top brush strawberry slicer set PB&J spreader plastic bag holder oven rack pull eat me crunchy

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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