Creamy Horchata

What is Horchata you say? It is a refreshing drink made from secret yumminess. Ok, it may not be a secret, but there are tons of varieties throughout the world, mainly Latin America and Spain. The one we made is a more traditional Mexican version with the addition of milk. Milk isn’t usually called for in the recipe, but I find (and so do my kids) that milk adds such a depth of creaminess that’s it’s now a must add ingredient. Not to mention it adds all kinds of health benefits too (hello calcium and vitamin D).

What can I say we are a milk loving family, so much so that I’m going to BlissDom next week for all things milk. Yay! I’ll be the one with the permanent milk mustache.

  • Measuring The Long Grain RIce 1 of 13
    Measuring The Long Grain RIce
    Next time I think I will put a plate under the measuring cup to catch all the grains that escaped.
  • Pour Into The Coffee Grinder 2 of 13
    Pour Into The Coffee Grinder
    I let her grind up the rice and she thought it was cool and odd that we were using a coffee grinder for rice.
  • Pouring The Ground Rice 3 of 13
    Pouring The Ground Rice
    Make sure to use a glass bowl/pitcher to saki the rice so it doesn't take on the taste of plastic.
  • Adding The Cinnamon 4 of 13
    Adding The Cinnamon
    Sylvie wanted to eat the cinnamon stick because it smelled to good.
  • Straining The Rice 5 of 13
    Straining The Rice
    Some of the rice might makes it's way through and that's ok.
  • Measuring The Milk 6 of 13
    Measuring The Milk
    The secret ingredient for extra delicious horchata.
  • Pouring In The Sugar 7 of 13
    Pouring In The Sugar
    Gotta have sweet horchata.
  • Pouring In The Vanilla 8 of 13
    Pouring In The Vanilla
    Give the flavor some depth.
  • Milk Break 9 of 13
    Milk Break
    Such hard work! Sylvie saw the milk and had to pour herself a glass and drink it up.
  • Stirring The Milk Mixture 10 of 13
    Stirring The Milk Mixture
    Making sure the sugar is dissolved.
  • Combining The Milk And Rice Water 11 of 13
    Combining The Milk And Rice Water
    To create extra creamy Horchata.
  • Cheers And A Wink 12 of 13
    Cheers And A Wink
    Nothing like some sweet horchata to go with eggs, toast and veggie sausage.
  • Creamy Horchata 13 of 13
    Creamy Horchata
    Begging to be gulped down.

Creamy Horchata Recipe

1 cup of uncooked long grain white rice

5 cups water

2 cinnamon sticks – broken

3/4 cup 2% milk

1/2 cup, not filled to the top, of sugar

1/2 tablespoon vanilla

Place the uncooked rice in a clean coffee grinder and grind until there is a mix of powder and chunks (10 seconds). Pour into a glass pitcher and add broken cinnamon sticks. Pour the 5 cups of water over the rice and cinnamon and stir. Place in the refrigerator over night. Cut to following day. Combine the milk, sugar and vanilla. Strain the water from the rice through a sieve or mesh strainer. Add the milk mixture to the water, chill and serve.

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