Do the Twist! 16 New Takes on Kids Recipes

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    16 new takes on kids favorite recipes
  • French Toast and Pears 2 of 17
    French Toast and Pears
    Thanks to a few tricks in the recipe, these French toast-inspired breakfast sticks are crunchy and moist at the same time. Make French toast and pears »
  • Parsnip Chips 3 of 17
    Parsnip Chips
    Are your kids constantly begging to pop open another bag of potato chips? Whip up this better-for-you recipe of parsnip chips instead. Your kids just might like them more than the from-the-bag variety!
    Make parsnip chips »
  • “Sushi” Sandwich 4 of 17
    "Sushi" Sandwich
    Give your kids a lunchbox surprise by turning their everyday tuna fish sandwich into these fun “sushi” rolls!
    Make a “sushi” sandwich »
  • Bacon, Apple, and Cheddar Sammies 5 of 17
    Bacon, Apple, and Cheddar Sammies
    The regular grilled cheese recipe gets an upgrade with these open-faced sammies, topped with bacon and apples to introduce your kids to new flavor combos.
    Make bacon, apple, and cheddar sammies »
  • Nacho Pizza 6 of 17
    Nacho Pizza
    It’s a twist on nachos … and a twist on pizza! Serve this up to your family and get ready for the “It’s nacho pizza, it’s my pizza” jokes all around the dinner table.
    Make nacho pizza »
  • Waffle Tacos 7 of 17
    Waffle Tacos
    Turn this breakfast fave into a dinner staple by slathering the waffles not with syrup, but taco toppings! Taco night will never be the same.
    Make waffle tacos »
  • Spaghetti Tacos 8 of 17
    Spaghetti Tacos
    Another update on the typical taco recipe, this dish is a fun way to use up leftover spaghetti without hearing any complaints of "Pasta, again?"
    Make spaghetti tacos »
  • Apple Fries 9 of 17
    Apple Fries
    Swap potatoes for apples to make these oven-baked “fries.” Pair them with chicken fingers for a healthier dinner your kids will go crazy for.
    Make apple fries »
  • Mac and Cheese Cupcakes 10 of 17
    Mac and Cheese Cupcakes
    Two kid favorites — mac and cheese and cupcakes — come together to make the ultimate individual-sized comfort food.
    Make mac and cheese cupcakes »
  • Sunny Mushroom Nuggets 11 of 17
    Sunny Mushroom Nuggets
    Kids never seem to get sick of eating chicken nuggets — but if you get tired of serving them, whip up this protein-packed vegetarian alternative instead. And don’t be surprised if the little ones ask for seconds …
    Make sunny mushroom nuggets »
  • Pizza Baked Potatoes 12 of 17
    Pizza Baked Potatoes
    For a weekend night splurge, these pizza potatoes are sure to be a crowd favorite. They take the idea of loaded potatoes to a whole new level!
    Make pizza baked potatoes »
  • PB 13 of 17
    Are your kids PB&J fanatics? They’ll love to see their favorite sandwich in cookie form — perfect for dunking in a big glass of milk!
    Make PB & J cookies »
  • Neon Cake Rainbow Push Pops 14 of 17
    Neon Cake Rainbow Push Pops
    Push pops aren’t just for ice cream! This recipe adds a whole new element to the cake pop trend, making it more fun than ever for kids to get their cake and frosting fix.
    Make neon cake rainbow push pops »
  • Healthy Banana Split 15 of 17
    Healthy Banana Split
    This better-for-you version of the banana split uses banana-strawberry “ice cream,” fresh pineapple, and just a drizzle of dark chocolate for a sweet treat you can feel good about serving to your little ones.
    Make a healthy banana split »
  • Skillet Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie 16 of 17
    Skillet Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie
    The only thing better than a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies? One really BIG cookie. Your kids will be so excited when they see it’s not an omelette cooking up in the pan …
    Make a skillet baked chocolate chip cookie »
  • Apple Pocket Pies 17 of 17
    Apple Pocket Pies
    These pocket pies are way more portable than the typical slice of pie (perfect for lunchboxes!), and you can even fill them with things like ham and cheese for a savory snack.
    Make apple pocket pies »

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