Cuban Sandwiches

Cuban sandwiches are something we love so much. We’re always on the hunt for which little dive restaurant has the best sandwich. We’ve been to a ton of places here in central Florida plus several other places in Tampa and Miami. But the best one to me was a place here in town that instead of using roasted slice pork, used roasted pulled pork.

Since the restaurant is all the way across town, and we’re pretty lazy, I thought I’d try to make them at home. I start with slow cooker pulled pork and build a Cuban sandwich from there with the best quality ham, cheese, mustard and pickles. Cuban bread is really easy to find in our area. If you can’t find it, Cuban bread is basically a fat loaf of very soft French bread. Anything in your local grocer’s bakery that resembles that should work okay, although it won’t be exactly the same.

Cuban Sandwiches


Crockpot Cuban pulled pork (find recipe here)
good quality ham
provolone cheese
good quality pickle slices
grainy (or yellow) mustard
Cuban bread
butter (I left if off to save on calories)


Cut open bread and slather both sides with mustard. Assemble sandwich first by adding pulled pork, then ham, pickles, and cheese. Brush the bread with butter before grilling if desired. Use a panini or sandwich press to grill sandwich for 5 – 7 minutes or until golden brown.

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