Curious About Vegan “Beef” Products? Some Tips!

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You often hear about vegan versions of chicken and even hamburgers, aka veggie burgers. But what about a delicious vegan option for other “beef” products like steak tips and ground beef? Well here are three options plus a vegan nacho recipe featuring “faux ground beef” taco crumbles!..

3 Vegan “Faux Beef” Products

1. Gardein. Beef-less Tips. Tender cubes of steak-like deliciousness. Use in veggie stir-fry or serve as a protein-rich side. My husband loves these!

2. Wildwood Tofu Taco Crumbles. I used these spicy, veggie-infused bits in my vegan nachos and they were amazing! Super flavorful. Spicy with bits of corn for some color. No seasoning needed, just saute and serve.

3. Boca Soy Crumbles. Made from wheat gluten and soy, these flavorful bits look just like ground beef and are super rich in protein and low in fat. Only 60 calories per serving.


* Make sure you check to see if you “beef” needs to be seasoned before serving. Unlike real beef, sometimes vegan beef already includes seasonings and spices. Check your package and always taste as you go.

*Use vegan ground “beef” to replace real beef in tacos, for meatballs, in lasagna, in veggie sautes and even to make your own burgers.

Get even more vegan beef/steak options from Veg Products Guide.

Get my Vegan Nacho recipe, on Healthy Happy Life

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