Cute Idea: Serve Up “Elf Juice” this Holiday Season!

elf juice
elf juice

Here is a cute idea for kids, a holiday party or just because: serve up tiny servings of “Elf Juice” this holiday season. So what do elves drink anyways? Here are a few ideas…

“Elf Juice” could be any juice or beverage, really, but something festive is best. Try your favorite “nog” recipe, holiday punch, a red berry smoothie or juice or even something simple like cinnamon-spiced apple cider.

You could even fill you mini serving glass or bottle with something super simple like refreshing coconut water.

Or even better: ask your kids! This makes a fun afternoon craft activity on a cold December day. You can decorate tiny labels for the bottles and create a custom blend of your very own “juice” for the thirsty elves. Ask the kids: “What do elves drink anyways??”

The trick is to include cute little labels that say “Elf Juice” on the served up sips. The tiny-sized serving glasses can either be small-sized glasses (like those mini martini glasses you can find at craft or home stores) … or if you spot some tiny glass bottles, serve the juice in capped servings over-top a bowl of ice.

If adults want a piece of the cute “Elf Juice” fun, you could even include an alcoholic beverage of sorts in each served “elf juice” glass.

Need a recipe: Try this fruit-filled, warmly spiced “nog smoothie” Elf Juice recipe made from sweet pear and banana – recipe over on Healthy. Happy. Life. (this recipe is shown in the image at top.)


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