Cyber Monday: Gifts for your Frenemy

We all have a frenemy, you know the person we keep around because we love to hate them. I’ve put together 20 gift ideas for the frenemy in your life.

  • Deep Fryer 1 of 20
    Deep Fryer
    For the frenemy who can eat whatever she wants.
    Buy it at Amazon
  • Cheese of the month 2 of 20
    Cheese of the month
    For your lactose intolerant frenemy.
    Buy it at ClubsGalore
  • Pumpkin Bowls 3 of 20
    Pumpkin Bowls
    For your frenemy with the huge kitchen with tons of storage space. Store THIS, frenemy!
    Buy it at ExoticExcess
  • Ketchup Salt 4 of 20
    Ketchup Salt
    For your super snooty foodie frenemy.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • ‘Peace’ of cake mold 5 of 20
    'Peace' of cake mold
    For your republican frenemy.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • Canned Pork and Beans 6 of 20
    Canned Pork and Beans
    For your hot frenemy with the hot new boyfriend.
    Buy it at ifood
  • Food Processor 7 of 20
    Food Processor
    For the frenemy who hates to clean. Look at all those parts!
    Buy it at amazon
  • will you measure me ring spoons 8 of 20
    will you measure me ring spoons
    For your desperate-to-marry frenemy.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • $10 gift Card to Whole Foods 9 of 20
    $10 gift Card to Whole Foods
    Your frenemy is not going to get to far with this amount.
    Buy it at Whole Foods
  • Meatloaf Pan 10 of 20
    Meatloaf Pan
    For your vegetarian frenemy.
    Buy it at As seen on TV
  • Beer Tracker Bottle Opener 11 of 20
    Beer Tracker Bottle Opener
    For your frenemy who has one too many.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • Deviled Egg Plate 12 of 20
    Deviled Egg Plate
    For your vegan frenemy.
    Buy it at KitchenLane
  • Cupcake Maker 13 of 20
    Cupcake Maker
    For the baker frenemy who can now only make 7 cupcakes at a time.
    Buy it at amazon
  • Plastic Cornucopia Tablecloth 14 of 20
    Plastic Cornucopia Tablecloth
    For the uber stylish frenemy.
    Buy it at Sears
  • Electric Tea Kettle 15 of 20
    Electric Tea Kettle
    For the frenemy who can't even boil water. (Make sure to put that in the card!)
    Buy it at TeaSource
  • Decorative Dry Soup in a Jar 16 of 20
    Decorative Dry Soup in a Jar
    For the minimalist frenemy, a little something for the counter.
    Buy it at KitchenLane
  • NY Yankees Toaster 17 of 20
    NY Yankees Toaster
    For your frenemy from Boston.
    Buy it at Amazon
  • Ah Choo Pepper Mill 18 of 20
    Ah Choo Pepper Mill
    For your uptight frenemy.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • Popcorn of the Month Club 19 of 20
    Popcorn of the Month Club
    For your broke frenemy from college who married into the Upper East Side elite.
    Buy it at Club Offers
  • Vertical Grill 20 of 20
    Vertical Grill
    For the frenemy grillmaster with a built in outdoor grill.
    Buy it at Vertical Grill

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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