Cyber Monday: Gifts for your Frenemy

We all have a frenemy, you know the person we keep around because we love to hate them. I’ve put together 20 gift ideas for the frenemy in your life.

  • Deep Fryer 1 of 20
    For the frenemy who can eat whatever she wants.
    Buy it at Amazon
  • Cheese of the month 2 of 20
    For your lactose intolerant frenemy.
    Buy it at ClubsGalore
  • Pumpkin Bowls 3 of 20
    For your frenemy with the huge kitchen with tons of storage space. Store THIS, frenemy!
    Buy it at ExoticExcess
  • Ketchup Salt 4 of 20
    For your super snooty foodie frenemy.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • ‘Peace’ of cake mold 5 of 20
    For your republican frenemy.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • Canned Pork and Beans 6 of 20
    For your hot frenemy with the hot new boyfriend.
    Buy it at ifood
  • Food Processor 7 of 20
    For the frenemy who hates to clean. Look at all those parts!
    Buy it at amazon
  • will you measure me ring spoons 8 of 20
    For your desperate-to-marry frenemy.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • $10 gift Card to Whole Foods 9 of 20
    Your frenemy is not going to get to far with this amount.
    Buy it at Whole Foods
  • Meatloaf Pan 10 of 20
    For your vegetarian frenemy.
    Buy it at As seen on TV
  • Beer Tracker Bottle Opener 11 of 20
    For your frenemy who has one too many.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • Deviled Egg Plate 12 of 20
    For your vegan frenemy.
    Buy it at KitchenLane
  • Cupcake Maker 13 of 20
    For the baker frenemy who can now only make 7 cupcakes at a time.
    Buy it at amazon
  • Plastic Cornucopia Tablecloth 14 of 20
    For the uber stylish frenemy.
    Buy it at Sears
  • Electric Tea Kettle 15 of 20
    For the frenemy who can't even boil water. (Make sure to put that in the card!)
    Buy it at TeaSource
  • Decorative Dry Soup in a Jar 16 of 20
    For the minimalist frenemy, a little something for the counter.
    Buy it at KitchenLane
  • NY Yankees Toaster 17 of 20
    For your frenemy from Boston.
    Buy it at Amazon
  • Ah Choo Pepper Mill 18 of 20
    For your uptight frenemy.
    Buy it at FredFlare
  • Popcorn of the Month Club 19 of 20
    For your broke frenemy from college who married into the Upper East Side elite.
    Buy it at Club Offers
  • Vertical Grill 20 of 20
    For the frenemy grillmaster with a built in outdoor grill.
    Buy it at Vertical Grill

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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