Dairy-Free Shamrock Shake Copycat Recipe

This McDonald’s-Copycat  Shamrock Shake recipe has a unique twist: it’s dairy-free and has a subtle coconut flavor. A few weeks back I saw this Family Kitchen Shamrock Shake recipe and I fell in love with the tall frosty-glass photo. So I decided to craft a dairy-free version of this tempting frosty treat. And this recipe is blender free, a hand-mashed shake. I guess you could call it a malt because it is so thick and creamy. McDonald’s eat your heart out..

Confession. I have never had a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. I’m not exactly a McDonald’s girl. But I’ll admit a “Shamrock Shake” sounds terribly fun for March. And simply looking at TheNaptimeChef’s recipe post (and then she did Shamrock Shooters! swoon.) made me crave a green minty shake. ..But mine will be vegan, dairy-free please. But trust me, just as decadent…

Instead of using classic vanilla ice cream I used my favorite brand of Coconut Milk-based ice cream. Coconut Bliss. It is incredibly luscious and creamy. And trust me, it’s not low in fat (although it is lower in saturated fat than most traditional ice cream).

So in the end, this shake has a coconut-essenced vanilla-peppermint flavor. Incredibly velvety and smooth. And wow, it’s totally dairy-free and vegan. Give it a try, I think you’ll LOVE it.

No blender required. Just some muscle power and a spoon. It’s minty bliss I tell you. I think it even glows..

Dairy-Free Shamrock Shake Copycat


2 cups coconut milk based vanilla ice cream
1/2 tsp peppermint extract
2 drops green food coloring (or see how to make natural green food coloring using leafy greens here!)
1/4 cup soy milk creamer, vanilla flavor
topping: green sugar or green sugar shamrocks
soy whipped cream optional (I used a very small swirl on the side)

Add all the ingredients to a big mug.
Grab a spoon and start mashing and mushing. Kids will love to do this.
Keep smashing the liquid with the ice cream until a soft shake mixture forms.
Pour into serving glasses.
Garnish. Serve!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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