Daylight Savings Time: Time to Grill?

This weekend is daylight savings time. At 2 a.m. the clocks get bumped up an hour, which means more light in the evening rather than the dark settling in before you’re even home on your commute.

Most media outlets usually call Memorial Day the start of the grilling season but there is absolutely no reason that your grill shouldn’t already be well used by the end of May. While our household enjoys meals off the grill all year round, it is not uncommon for most folks to hang up the tongs for the winter. But why not bump up the season opener by two or three months? I’d like to suggest using the upcoming daylight savings time change to ring in the grilling season. Starting Sunday, most of us will again enjoy an extra hour of sunlight in the evening. What a perfect reason to fire up the grill and let the season begin.

While there will be more light, it isn’t exactly the Fourth of July. Follow these tips for successful low temperature grilling.

1. Thoroughly preheat: Cool outdoor air temperatures will lead to longer wait times for the grill to come up to proper temperature.

2. Bump up the heat
: If you use gas, keep the knobs a bit higher than you normally would during the summer because heat will be escaping quicker. If you use charcoal, add a few extra lumps and open up the dampers a bit more.

3. Don’t peak: Heat loss is bad enough through the grill cover, but every time you open it you’re exposing your meat to colder air. Trust your feelings and only open the cover when necessary.

4. Give it a good home: Nothing is worse than freshly grilled food allowed to cool off too quickly. Keep your serving plate inside or, better yet, in a warm oven until it is time to remove your items from the grill. Have some foil handy to wrap it, too. A good rest is important for meats to redistribute their juices before you cut into them.

So go ahead and fire up the grill and try one of my favorites, maybe it doesn’t feel like summer yet, but it sure can taste like it.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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