16 Deep-Fried Recipes

  • Fried Green Tomatoes 1 of 16

    Part salty and part sour, fried green tomatoes are a southern delicacy. But no matter where you live, you're bound to find them delicious!

    Make fried green tomatoes »

  • Fried Spaghetti Pizza 2 of 16

    We decided to take two of the most beloved Italian foods, pizza and spaghetti, and fry them. Mamma mia!
    Make fried spaghetti pizza »

  • Panko Baked Cheese Sticks 3 of 16

    If you're looking to lighten up after that spaghetti pizza, try these baked mozzarella sticks with panko breadcrumbs. You'll still get all the crunchy, cheesy goodness of the fried-food staple — with less calories.
    Make panko baked cheese sticks »

  • Beer-Battered Coconut Shrimps 4 of 16

    Battered up! Make these fried coconut shrimps for your next party, and they'll be gone in seconds.

    Make beer-battered coconut shrimp »

  • Fried Pickles 5 of 16
    Fried Pickles
    This recipe — loved by Elvis — transforms pickles from a plain 'ol burger topping to your soon-to-be favorite appetizer. Make fried pickles »
  • Corn Dogs 6 of 16
    Corn Dogs

    Cake pops, move aside. These puppies are the original food on a stick -- and they are making a delicious comeback.
    Make corn dogs »

  • Onion Rings 7 of 16
    Onion Rings

    Thanks to a gluten-free recipe, these deep-fried rings are surprisingly light — and wholesome!
    Make onion rings »

  • Beer-Battered Zucchini Fries 8 of 16
    Beer-Battered Zucchini Fries

    Try these crispy sticks instead of French fries for a change. The zucchini makes it count as a healthy food, right?
    Make beer-battered zucchini fries »

  • Fried Chicken 9 of 16
    Fried Chicken

    Make dinner finger-lickin'’ good with this all-American comfort food, fried to perfection.
    Make fried chicken »

  • Fried Apple Pie 10 of 16
    Fried Apple Pie

    This fried twist on a state fair favorite is as American as, well ... you know.
    Make fried apple pie »

  • Deep Fried Mini Mars Bars 11 of 16
    Deep Fried Mini Mars Bars

    These mini Mars bars might be too short to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl, but they'’re just the right size for the fryer.
    Make mini Mars bars »

  • Deep-Fried Strawberries 12 of 16
    Deep-Fried Strawberries

    Sweet, fresh fruit paired with a savory, crunchy crust is a match made in fried-food heaven.
    Make deep-fried strawberries »

  • Fried Snickers 13 of 16
    Fried Snickers

    Hungry? Why wait ... to fry one of these sinfully delicious candy bars?
    Make fried Snickers »

  • Funnel Cake 14 of 16
    Funnel Cake

    You’'ll practically picture the Ferris wheel and fireworks while whipping up this carnival classic.
    Make funnel cake »

  • Classic Yeast-Raised Donuts 15 of 16
    Classic Yeast-Raised Donuts

    For the fried-food traditionalist, this tried-and-true donut recipe sticks to the basics.
    Make yeast-raised donuts »

  • Fried Squash Blossoms 16 of 16
    Fried Squash Blossoms

    While squash blossoms might not be the first thing you’'d think to fry, just one bite of these summery blooms will ensure them a spot as one of your fried-food favorites.
    Make fried squash blossoms »

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