Dessert for Grown-Ups: Oatmeal Cookies and Boozy Date Ice Cream

Cookies and Ice Cream for Dessert
As cookie season wraps up, my mind has wandered back to that eternal question —— what’s the best kind of cookie? And if I’m really honest, the cookie I find most irresistible is shortbread (like, really irresistible). But one really cannot make a habit of that. So then, what about my favorite everyday cookie? Chocolate chip is a definite contender, but there’s something about the faintly sweet, wonderfully chewy crumb of a well-made oatmeal cookie that I absolutely adore. It also helps that I happen to have an excellent, easy, and really forgiving oatmeal cookie recipe up my sleeve. This one features bittersweet cacao nibs and fragrant clementine zest, and has a perfectly chewy center, with barely crisp, lacy edges. You see? It is the perfect cookie.

And what goes better with the season’s best cookies that a little bowl of cognac-infused date ice cream? It’s the ideal combination of bracing and sweet, smoky and creamy. The cognac doesn’t hurt either.

So tomorrow, make up the perfect dessert for grown-ups and bid cookie season adieu ring in the New Year in style. Get the recipe for oatmeal cookies with cacao nibs and clementine zest right here on Babble Food (be sure to skip the frosting for optimal grown-up flavor). And get the recipe for boozy date ice cream over on Brooklyn Supper.

New Year’s Eve dessert perfected!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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