Dessert Lavash: Maple Cinnamon Banana

Over the weekend I made a seriously addictive Super Bowl snack called an Avo-dilla. I sautéed some sliced avocado between flaky layers of buttery-crisp lavash bread – you could also use a basic tortilla. So I decided to add a sticky-sweet spin on this snack and make Dessert Lavash. The edges are coated in maple cinnamon flavors – a tender, lightly fried banana filling inside. I debated adding in a slathering of peanut butter – you certainly can. You can make this simple dessert using lavash or tortillas and wraps. But I really loved the bubbly crust on my leftover whole wheat lavash. Serve flaky and warm – maybe add a side scoop of vanilla bean coconut cream to really make this dessert sing. Try this easy recipe!..

Maple Cinnamon Banana Dessert Lavash
vegan, makes 4-8 slices

1 large piece of lavash bread – I used whole wheat (cut into two smaller pieces for two separate sautés – one piece is slightly too large for most sauté pans)
2 Tbsp vegan butter, melted
1 Tbsp maple syrup
cinnamon to taste
1-2 rips bananas, sliced (saute in 2 tsp oil + 1 tsp maple syrup + a few dashes cinnamon)
Note: you can easily change the filling! Try raspberries, strawberries, pears and more.


1. First you will want to lightly fry/saute your sliced bananas. Saute in 2 tsp of safflower oil (any veg oil will work) and a splash of maple syrup. Cook for 1 minute of both sides over sizzling high heat. Add cinnamon to taste. Remove from pan and set aside on plate.
2. Grab one large slice of lavash and brush the melted vegan butter on all sides of it. Add a teaspoon of vegan butter to your pan and add the lavash. Fill the lavash with banana – or any filling you’d prefer. Fold the lavash like a quesadilla – or a few more times over to lock in the filling.
3. Saute on both sides – midway through the sauté add in your maple syrup. Drizzle it over top the lavash and make sure it coats the edges of the lavash. A few dashes of cinnamon over top too.
4. Remove lavash when the edges have browned. Cooking will not take long – about 4 minutes total. Repeat with other slice of lavash and filling.
Cool, slice and serve! Would be yummy topped with vegan ice cream or coconut whip!

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