Yummy Halloween Party Food That Will Totally Gross Out Your Guests

Last halloween I put together a gagtastic slideshow of disturbing food to serve at your halloween party. So I thought it would be appropriate to do a follow up of the most disgusting food you can serve your guests. If you are trying to top last years party of grossness, look no further…

  • Oozy Used Band-Aid 1 of 7
    We've all had a disgusting experience with a band-aid. Mine came while doing laps at the gym pool when I swan upon a floating strip that had fallen off of another swimmers wound. Gag. Now eat up!
    Learn how to make your own band-aids at Katherine Maries
    Photo credit: Katherine Maries
  • Cooked Meat Hand 2 of 7
    Um, wow, cooked hand. I especially like the white onion shoved into the wrist so it looked like a severed bone.
    Learn how to make your own meat hand at Not Martha
    Photo credit: Not Martha
  • Worm Dogs 3 of 7
    These look easy enough to pull off and will give all the kids the creepy crawlies.
    Learn how to make your own worm dogs at Joy's Life
    Photo credit: Joy's Life
  • Roasted Flesh Worm 4 of 7
    I am so going to make this for my daughter. She is always joking around and asking us to make her shark guts or snake heads. When she's sees what I made for dinner, she's gonna freak!
    Learn how to make your own roasted flesh worms at I Make Projects
    Photo credit: I Make Projects
  • Stuffed Roaches 5 of 7
    I may plan on freaking my daughter out with the flesh worm, but seeing this will send me screaming and climbing the walls (just ask my husband for proof).
    Learn how to make your own stuffed roaches at Megan's Cookin
    Photo credit: Megan's Cookin
  • Barfing Pumpkin Guacamole 6 of 7
    So festive with the adorable carved pumpkin. Oh wait, that pumpkin is barfing up a load of green globs or guacamole. Good luck eating this vomit.
    Learn how to make your own barfing pumpkin guacamole at Somewhat Simple
    Photo credit: Somewhat Simple
  • Earwax Q-Tips 7 of 7
    This looks like my sons q-tips after a good cleaning. If I saw these on the table I just might make a real bowl of vomit to serve.
    Learn how to make your own barfing pumpkin guacamole at Joy's Life
    Photo credit: Joy's Life

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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