Disgusting, Disturbing, and Irresponsible Halloween Party Food

Halloween food fails and other gag-tastic delights!

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  • Tasty Turds 1 of 12
    I would eat the corn out of this turd.
    Make Tasty Turds
  • Kentucky Fried WTF on a Stick 2 of 12
    WTF is wrong with people?
    Make Kentucky Fried WTF on a Stick
  • Stuffed Roaches 3 of 12
    What can I say? I'll eat a turd, not a roach.
    Make Stuffed Roaches
  • Flayed-Skin Cheeseball 4 of 12
    Is this for a party of 500? Who could eat this much cheese? Oh, I guess the flayed skin might be more horrifying?
    Make Flayed-Skin Cheeseball
  • Slimy Worms 5 of 12
    Can I please just eat something normal?
    Make Slimy Worms
  • Cockroach Puree 6 of 12
    OMG. Roach puree, gag-tastic.
    Make Cockroach Puree
  • Spaghetti Hot Dogs 7 of 12
  • Shrunken Head Punch 8 of 12
    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! I laugh while my kid buries her head into my side.
    Make Shrunken Head Punch
  • Severed Fingers 9 of 12
    Seen it a million times. But my kid asked if these were real fingers. Yes, child, I'm serving you a real witch's finger for dinner. Please. You're almost six.
    Make Severed Fingers
  • Edible Ashtray 10 of 12
    Nice. Here, junior, eat some faux cigarette ashes and while you're at it …
    Make Edible Ash Tray
  • Candy Cigarettes 11 of 12
    Give smoking a try with these candy cigarettes. I'm not gonna lie, I've never smoked real cigs, but I've had plenty of these (I even have some in my candy stash, don't judge!)
    Read About Candy Cigarettes
  • Stuffed Intestines 12 of 12
    Finally! Now I have something to compliment the candy corn turds: intestines!!!
    Make Stuffed Intestines

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