Dish Color Can Cause You to Eat More?

As a college student I have memories of discussing color psychology and how studies had been done to show the different psychological responses to different colors. It caused schools to paint walls different colors, hospitals to decorate in blue and so on, but what about on your plate? Can the very color of the dish you’re eating off make a difference in the amount of food you eat during the meal?

A new study says that it’s not just the giant plates that cause us to indulge more here in the U. S. of A., but that the color of said dishware could be causing us to pile those plates even higher.

The trick? When the plate color matches the food color–alfredo sauce on white plates and red sauce on red plates, for instance–we’re bound to fill the plate higher. We can only infer that filling a plate more will also mean eating more.

The lesson? Have two sets of plates available, I suppose: White plates for most everything you want to eat, as well as a set of colored plates for your white foods.

The Color of Your Dishes Might Be Causing You to Stuff Your Face | Jezebel
Dish Color Affects Serving Size | Scientific American

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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