Disney Magic of Healthy Living: Mickey Check 101

What is the Mickey Check?: It is a tool that was introduced to kids’ menus at Disney’s theme parks and resorts in 2012 that promotes healthy foods like fruits and veggies, encourages kid-appropriate portion sizes, and limits overused nutrients like sodium and sugar from meals. Mickey Check approved recipes have been found on websites like Disney.com, Family.com, Spoonful.com, and now Babble.com!

How is a Mickey Check approved recipe created?: We work with nutritionists to evaluate all the recipes to ensure they comply with Disney’s Nutrition Guidelines. These guidelines were developed with the help of nutrition experts to make sure they align with the federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

An example of the criteria our food bloggers had to follow to create Mickey Check approved recipes would be the list of approved food groups they can use in their meals: Fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains and lean protein. Additionally, they were required to completely eliminate trans fat entirely and limit the amount of sodium and sugar used in their recipes with the help of suggested healthy alternatives (i.e. swap adding sugar to muffins and breakfast breads with the natural sweetness of fruit, like bananas.) As for beverages, only 100% pure juices (without added sugar or sodium), and water-based beverages (without caffeine or stimulants of any kind) are allowed.

But just because these recipes are healthful, doesn’t mean they aren’t flavorful!

We’re super excited to bring you all of these incredible meals that not only will your tiny tots want to gobble up instantly, but also provide them with the essentials contributing to a nutritious diet that will help them grow healthy and strong! — Gizelle Lugo


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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