Princess Party Food

  • Princess Aurora’s Caramel Macchiato 1 of 14
    Sleeping Beauty could use a good dose of the caffeine found in this Starbucks copycat,
    don’t you think?
    Make a caramel macchiato »
  • Rapunzels Braided Pumpkin Challah Bread 2 of 14
    It’s not as long as Rapunzel’s legendary braid, but this pumpkin challah is just as golden and pretty to look at — and way tastier!
    Make braided pumpkin challah bread »
  • Cinderellas Pumpkin Soup 3 of 14
    We decided to turn these mini pumpkins into soup instead of carriages. And while the soup will still be just as delicious even after the stroke of midnight, your kids will probably slurp it up way before.
    Make pumpkin soup »
  • Princess and the Pea’s Springtime Pea Soup 4 of 14
    Is it any surprise we chose a pea soup for this story-time princess? Our version has fresh mint in it for a little twist.
    Make springtime pea soup »
  • Ariels Walnut Encrusted Prawns with Ponzu Glaze 5 of 14
    Out of respect for Ariel’s trusty friend and #1 crustacean, we decided to fry these prawns instead of crabs for our seafood fix. You’re welcome, Sebastian.
    Make walnut-encrusted prawns with ponzu glaze »
  • Mulans Fried Rice 6 of 14
    When this fearless princess posed as a male soldier, all she and her troops ate was white rice. We kicked things up a notch with this fried rice dish, which you can whip up in a flash.
    Make fried rice »
  • Princess Tianas Apple Beignets 7 of 14
    We’d bet these easy-to-make apple beignets are a favorite for New Orleans native Princess Tiana; the dessert is a staple in the Big Easy!
    Make apple beignets »
  • Princess Jasmines Gold Truffles 8 of 14
    Consider these gorgeous gold truffles the edible equivalent of the treasures found in
    the Cave of Wonders.
    Make gold truffles »
  • Snow Whites Apple Tart 9 of 14
    Don’t worry; we promise the apples in this deliciously flaky tart aren’t poisoned. For extra good measure, we used green Granny Smiths — just in case Snow White’s still traumatized by
    the red ones.
    Make apple tart »
  • Princess Leias Caramel Sticky Buns 10 of 14
    Come on, who doesn’t think of cinnamon rolls when they see the Star Wars princess’ rockin’ hairdo? You won’t have to play any Jedi mind tricks on the kids to get them to eat these caramel-covered sticky buns.
    Make caramel sticky buns »
  • Belles Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Roses 11 of 14
    The Beast needed Belle to fall in love with him before the last petal of his enchanted rose fell. Well, your kids will have no problem eating every last petal on these chocolate “roses!"
    Make chocolate-dipped strawberry roses »
  • Princess Barbies Princess Birthday Cake 12 of 14
    Princess Barbie would totally want a cake that looked just like her. She is Barbie, after all.
    Make a princess birthday cake »
  • Princess Dianas Bread Pudding 13 of 14
    According to her personal chef, the beloved late princess couldn’t get enough of bread pudding. We bet she’d give a royal thumbs-up to our take, made with spiced maple and pumpkin.
    Make spiced maple pumpkin bread pudding »
  • Princess Fionas Grasshopper Cookie Cupcakes 14 of 14
    Princess Fiona may not have been super pleased that Shrek’s idea of a romantic dinner involved eating some grub (literally) from under logs and rocks. But ogre or not, these minty grasshopper cupcakes make eating bugs a treat.
    Make grasshopper cookie cupcakes »
Article Posted 7 years Ago

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