DIY Thank You Notes: A Step-by-step Tutorial

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I am a really stickler when it comes to thank you notes. My children have to write them whenever they receive a thoughtful gift, no matter how small. I think thank you notes are the most basic of good manners, and I want my children to understand the importance of gratitude very early on. That way, I hope, the habit of writing a thank you note will stick with them long after they’ve grown up and moved out.

Since my daughter enjoys getting creative we often have a lot of fun making her thank you notes. We like to do things like taking pictures of a pretty object or scene in our house (or of the gift that was given!) print it out, paste in on a card and write our thank you message. It is a fun way to turn a to-do item into a craft project and enjoy the process.

Here is how we do it:

  • DIY Thank You Notes with Children 1 of 6
    DIY Thank you Notes

    DIY thank you notes are fun and easy. Click though for instructions: 

  • Decide on the Theme 2 of 6
    Theme for Thank You Note

    The first step in making a thank you note is deciding on theme. Do you want a funny note? A calm and serene note? Once you've thought about what you'd like to portray, arrange the scene and take a picture with your phone camera. In this case my daughter wanted to thank someone for a new outdoor toy so we took a picture of flowers in a vase.

  • Crop and Print 3 of 6
    Print the picture

    Once you've taken the picture edit it on your phone if necessary. We cropped out the edge of the house with this photo. Then I press "print" and sent it off to our mobile printer. It's so fast!

  • Write Your Message 4 of 6
    Write Message

    Now, go to town! Open the card up and write your message in marker, crayon, or whatever medium you want. We also like to embellish with stickers and glue on crystals whenever possible. There is not better way to demonstrate happiness and gratitude than with a little glue and crafting time.

  • Stick on the Picture 5 of 6
    Stick on Picture

    One the card is dry and ready stick the printed picture onto the front. Center it to the best of your ability. Use double-stick tape to affix the photograph so there are no bumps at all.

  • Mail! 6 of 6
    Mail Card

    Now your thank you note is ready! Pop it in the mail or put it in the mailbox of the person to whom you are sending your thanks!

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