Dr. Weil's Anti Inflammatory Diet for Optinum Health and DMAE

On the Dr. Oz Show today, Dr. Weil was there to recommend his diet for optimum health. His diet, the anit-inflammatory diet was created to reduce overall inflammation in the body, thus reducing chronic diseases. This diet is not something you go on and off of, it’s a lifestyle change that you’ll stay on for the rest of your life to maintain your best health. It’s much like the Mediterranean diet, you can see the food pyramid for the diet in the picture to the left.

Dr. Weil recommended five key foods for this diet, and they are cooked Asian mushrooms, such as shiitake or oyster mushrooms. He says these mushrooms boost your immune system and prevent cancer. One point he makes is to never eat raw mushrooms because they are indigestible and have no nutritional benefit.

Another food is soy products like edamame, soy milk, soy nuts or tofu. He says these foods are full of protein and perfect to fight hormone caused cancers like breast cancer and testicular cancer.

The next food is any vegetable from the cabbage family. These foods are cabbages, bok choy, kale, other greens and broccoli. These foods have unique compounds that help protect our bodies

Healthy fats are another food Dr. Weil wants us to eat everyday. Olive oil is the most important healthy fat to eat, and the easiest to eat everyday. Hemp and flax seeds, crushed, or their oil, is the healthiest fats we can eat. He says we should all try to incorporate one or both in our diet everyday. Eggs are another great fat that are easy to incorporate in our everyday diets.

Whole or cracked grains is the last most important thing we need to eat everyday. Some of these foods are barley, buckwheat and wild rice.

Dr. Weil also says the best way for us to lose weight is to cut out any foods made with flour or sugar.

DMAE is a substance that is naturally produced in the brain, but DMAE is also present in anchovies, salmon and sardines, boosting the production of acetylcholine. DMAE is also in wrinkle creams and recommended by Dr. Oz. Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a guest on his show, says creams that contain DMEA will give you instant results and improve the radiance of your skin.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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