Dressy Haute Dogs for Your Kids Oscar® Party

Image Source: Jon Synder
Image Source: Jon Synder

The nominees are in! Best dressed goes too … your dinner!

Your kids will love these award wieners. This simple DIY turns a plain hot dog into a tinseltown star. We lined up our dressy haute dogs on their own walk of fame in an up-cycled gold shoebox. The whole family will love this fun twist on an American classic and you’ll have plenty of time to watch who takes home the Oscar®.

Dressy Dogs



  • Shoebox (or medium box)
  • Gold paint
  • Medium foam brush

Hot Dogs:

  • Hot dogs
  • Hot dog buns
  • Silver luncheon napkins (13×13″)
  • Black luncheon napkins (13×13″)
  • White ribbon
  • Tape
  • Scissors


  1. Use a kids shoebox (or other medium sized box) as a basket for your dressy dogs. We used one with a neutral base for easy painting. With a medium foam brush, paint the shoebox gold on the outside only. Let dry for at least a few hours, we recommend overnight.

    Image Source: Robin Clement
    Image Source: Robin Clement
  2. After cooking hot dog, add bun, then assemble napkin tuxedo. First make the napkin thinner by unfolding a layer lengthwise and cutting it in half widthwise. This will also give you more napkins to work with. Next, wrap them around the hot dog, stacking a black napkin on top of a silver napkin. This will create the look of a shirt and tux. Tape napkin in place under the “neckline.”
  3. Tie a ribbon around the wrapped hot dog, cutting it short to give the look of a bow tie.
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