Dessert Hack: Store-Bought Cookies Get a Pinterest Upgrade

Dried Flower Cookies
Image Source: Robin Clement

Sunday morning. 30 minutes free. Some culinary therapy is in order! I cranked up some jazz and employed the prettiest dessert shortcut ever: decorating store-bought cookies with lemon glaze and dried flower petals. It’s the perfect way to welcome spring (and fulfill your long-lost dream of being a European pastry chef).

These beauties may look like they involve laborious hours in the kitchen, but we all know there’s no time for that. There are just three simple steps until you can pop one of these sweet treats in your mouth: whip up the lemon glaze (with confectioners’ sugar and fresh lemon juice and zest), dip the shortbread cookies in, and decorate to your liking with petals. Then, you must invite people over to show off your handiwork.

If you’re wondering where the heck you get edible dried flower petals, and if you have to dry them yourself … the answers are easy, and god, no! The dried flowers can be found in loose tea from your local grocer or specialty spice and tea shop (or you can always purchase a full bag of edible dried flowers from Amazon). I picked out the following petals from my teas: rose, lavender, cornflower, marigold, and chamomile.

Dried Flower Cookies
Image Source: Robin Clement

These cookies may be nice to look at, but are they tasty? As flowers can be quite potent, I was expecting to be overwhelmed by the flavors and aromas. But they were actually fairly faint. The stronger botanicals, like rose, lavender and chamomile, were perfectly complemented with the sweet and citrus notes of the glaze.

So go ahead and turn those plain store-bought cookies into fancy party treats, fooling all of your friends and family who will be asking how you do it all!

Dried Flower Shortbread Cookies with Lemon Glaze

inspired by Bon Appetit

Makes: 24 cookies

1 cup confectioners’ sugar
1 lemon (2 tablespoons fresh juice; zest whole lemon, about 3/4 teaspoon)
24 store-bought shortbread cookies
edible dried flowers (found in loose tea at grocery stores, or at specialty spice and tea shops)

1. Make the glaze. In a medium bowl, whisk together confectioners’ sugar, freshly squeezed juice, and zest.
2. Dip the top of one cookie into the bowl. Let excess glaze drip down until you have a nice medium-thick layer.
3. Decorate with dried flowers while the glaze is still wet. Let dry completely, about 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the thickness of your layer of glaze). Repeat with remaining cookies. Towards the end of your batch, to add flavor, color, and texture to your glaze, crumple flowers into the glaze, whisk, and dip the cookies in.

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