Easy and Delicious 15-Minute Appetizers To Get Your Party Started

There is nothing that gets a party started faster than serving colorful and delicious appetizers. The choices for appetizers are so endless.  There can be soups, dips, spreads, fondue, or baked appetizers to name a few. However, sometimes you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing appetizers and want one that is easy and quick to make, yet looks and tastes scrumptious.  Try these 15-minute appetizers that are easy and delicious to get your next party started.

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    Follow the links to these 15 easy and delicious 15-minute appetizers to get your next party started. 

  • Praline Brie 2 of 16

    Praline brie is ready to serve in less than 10 minutes.  It makes an excellent appetizer to serve for your holiday parties or when guests arrive unexpectedly.

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Asparagus and Parmigiano Puffs 3 of 16

    Asparagus and parmigiano puffs are such an elegant and colorful appetizer with the green asparagus and red tomatoes.

    Source:  Babble

  • Mini Phyllo Cups with Whipped Goat Cheese, Grapes, and Thyme 4 of 16

    For an easy and fast appetizer that is so mouth-watering your have to keep "sampling" them. make these mini phyllo cups with whipped goat cheese, grapes, and thyme and drizzled with honey.

    Source:  A Farm Girl's Dabbles

  • Cheesy Bacon Bread 5 of 16

    Cheesy bacon bread has the smooth, sharp flavor of the cheese combined with the smoky flavor of the bacon on fresh baguette slices. 

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Chicken Cheese Ball 6 of 16

    Chicken cheese ball is an easy, excellent appetizer you can make in 10 minutes. 

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Gingerbread Cookie Dough Dip 7 of 16

    Serve gingerbread cookie dough dip with gingersnaps, fruit, or graham crackers for a taste of the holidays at your next party.

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Fruit Kabobs for Kids 8 of 16

    Don't forget the kids when making an appetizer. These fruit kabobs are so colorful and full of flavor that the kids will love them. 

    Source:  A Southern Fairy Tale

  • Reese’s Pretzel Bites 9 of 16

    For the chocolate and peanut butter lovers, these Reese's pretzel bites are the perfect appetizer. Made with only 2 ingredients, these are easy and fast to make.

    Source:  Foodie with Family

  • Baked Brie Bites 10 of 16

    Filled with cheesy goodness, tart cranberries, and salty crunch of pistachios, these baked brie bites are a favorite for holiday entertaining.

    Source:  A Spicy Perspective

  • Apple Nachos 11 of 16

    Apple nachos are just loaded with the good stuff:  chocolate syrup, peanut butter, peanuts, coconut, caramel, and of course, apples. 

    Source:  How Sweet Eats

  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops 12 of 16

    Bacon wrapped scallops are delicious served with the dip that has the spiciness and heat of the Sriracha sauce and the smoothness of avocado.

    Source:  Pizzazzerie

  • Gazpacho 13 of 16

    Gazpacho is a cold soup appetizer with added zesty taste of horseradish.

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Honey Prosciutto Flatbread 14 of 16

    Honey prosciutto flatbread can be made in a few minutes but looks and tastes so wonderful with the combination of gouda, prosciutto, and onions drizzled in honey. 

    Source:  She Wears Many Hats

  • Cookie Dough Dip 15 of 16

    Want an out of this world good dip to serve during the holidays that can be ready in 10 minutes?  Make this cookie dough dip loaded with chocolate chips and toffee bits.

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Cheesy Pancetta Fondue Dip 16 of 16

    Cheesy pancetta fondue dip is spicy from Tabasco and full of tomato and cheese flavor. 

    Source:  Table for Two


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