Chicken Recipes

  • Balsamic Chicken with Caramelized Onions 1 of 10
    The sweet blend of caramelized onions and squash complement this marinated balsamic chicken.
    Make Balsamic Chicken with Caramelized Onions »
  • Yogurt-Marinated Chicken with Spiced Potatoes and Indian Pickles 2 of 10

    Yogurt not only tenderizes the chicken in this recipe, but it lends a mellow, slightly tangy flavor. Indian spices add an extra kick.
    Make Yogurt-Marinated Chicken with Spiced Potatoes and Indian Pickles »
  • Chicken BLTs 3 of 10
    Adding chicken to a tried and true favorite adds a whole new dimension. And kids love them!
    Make Chicken BLTs »
  • Chicken Soup 4 of 10
    A simple recipe — chicken and veggies — is the ultimate comfort food when the weather’s cold.
    Chicken Soup »
  • Chicken and Mango Quesadillas 5 of 10
    Quesadillas are a great way to use leftover chicken. In this recipe, you can substitute other ripe fruit in place of mango.
    Make Chicken and Mango Quesadillas »
  • Arroz con Pollo 6 of 10
    To give this arroz con pollo a kid-friendly twist, sprinkle grated cheese over the top or serve with slices of avocado.
    Make Arroz con Pollo »
  • Pad Thai 7 of 10
    If you’re a meal-in-a-bowl mom, pad thai will be right up your alley: a tasty tumble of crunchy, salty and sweet that makes great use of leftover shredded chicken or pork.
    Make Pad Thai »
  • Teriyaki Chicken Strips 8 of 10
    Marinate frozen chicken tenders in teriyaki sauce, pan sear them, and within minutes: teriyaki chicken strips!
    Make Teriyaki Chicken Strips »
  • Thai Chicken Thighs 9 of 10
    These chicken thighs in a slightly spicy peanut sauce encapsulate why slow cookers are so great: by the time you get home, it’s ready!
    make Thai Chicken Thighs »
  • Zigzag Chicken Skewers 10 of 10
    These zigzag skewers are so neat-looking your kids might not notice if you slide a couple of extra veggies into the mix!
    make Zigzag Chicken Skewers »

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