Easy Tartine Recipes: Cucumber, Mango

Here is are a few of my favorite tartine recipes – I call them “cream crusty” sandwiches. Try a Mango or Cucumber Tartine. Cucumber: Creamy and cool. Mango: Sweet and juicy. Both are savory-sweet and peppery. Super easy! Perfect for a light lunch or tea time snack!..

Mango Tartine recipe -> Mango Cream Crusty (as shown above)

Cucumber tartine recipe below..

NOTE: Sorry about the bad timing on this recipe since the N. Germany cucumbers are not advised to eat right now – howerve, you can really sub ANY veggie for this tartine recipe! Tomatoes, sweet onions, peaches, mango, and more!!

I call this my Cream Cheese Cucumber Tartine. Tartines are basically open-faced sandwiches. I make this recipe dairy-free and vegan by using tofu cream cheese. The crisp cucumbers are soaked in olive oil and lemon – and covered in black pepper and a hint of sea salt. Pink sea salt – or an herbed sea salt is my favorite – larger grains. But any salt will work.

Tofu Cream Cheese Cucumber Tartine
vegan, makes two servings

1 sandwich sized ciabatta bread, multi-grain is best
3-4 Tbsp tofu cream cheese
1 cup sliced cucumbers
2 Tbsp olive oil + 2 Tbsp lemon juice
fresh black pepper grinder
pink Himalayan salt grinder


1. Wash and slice cucumbers. Soak in olive oil for a few minutes. (You can also simply pour oil/lemon over top the assembled sandwich – whatever you prefer)

2. Slice ciabatta long ways and spread tofu cream cheese on top.

3. Layer cucumbers over bread and cream cheese. Grind a pinch of salt over top and plentiful amounts of fresh black pepper.

4. Pour excess lemon and olive oil over top the tartines – or use as a dipping sauce.

Also try my Sweet Chili Marinated Cucumber Salad! (pictured below)

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