7 Easy & Delicious Dishes to Combat Fall Colds

7 Recipes for Fall Colds via

It is well known that there is no cure for the common cold. Sadly, whenever we pick up a virus it is usually best that we let it run its course and visit the doctor if we feel we need to. When I caught my first head cold of fall last week I was so bummed. Because I am pregnant I can’t even take any cold medicine to relieve the symptoms. Instead it was up to me to double down on healthy foods to help the cold runs its course as quickly as possible. That meant a lot of steamy soups, hot teas, juices and plenty of rest. Thankfully I was able to recover from the cold fairly quickly but I am keeping these dishes in my back pocket for when the sniffles come around next winter!

  • Homemade Chamomile Tea 1 of 7
    Homemade Chamomile Tea
    Hot clear tea is always a healthy way to clear sinuses. This delicious easy, homemade chamomile tea is simultaneously comforting and healing whenever you are feeling a little sniffly.
    Make homemade chamomile tea
  • Chicken and Veggie Noodle Soup 2 of 7
    Chicken and Veggie Noodle Soup
    When it really comes down to it there is nothing quite as healing as a bowl of classic chicken and vegetable noodle soup. Sip this clear broth filled with delicious flavors and feel the relief. It is almost as comforting as being at home with Mom!
    Make chicken and vegetable noodle soup
  • Spicy Vegetable Chicken Lemongrass Soup 3 of 7
    Spicy Vegetable Chicken Lemongrass Soup
    Some people, like me, find food with a little spicy kick like fresh jalapeno can relieve heavy congestion. This delicious soup delivers on the spicy flavor along with chicken for protein, and mild herbaceous flavor from the lemongrass.
    Make spicy vegetable chicken lemongrass soup
  • Grapefruit Ginger Smoothie 4 of 7
    Grapefruit Ginger Smoothie
    Kathy specifically designed this smoothie to give immune systems a boost. It is filled with Vitamin C, potassium rich banana, and spicy fresh ginger. It is a wonderful way to start the day when you have a cold, or when you want to prevent one!
    Make a grapefruit ginger smoothie
  • Fresh Citrus Smoothie 5 of 7
    Fresh Citrus Smoothie
    This delicious smoothie is full-on Vitaminc C overload. You'll love the combination of fresh orange juice, pineapple and peach slices, and a banana. Even when you loose your sense of taste you'll still be able to taste and enjoy this healthy concoction.
    Make a fresh citrus smoothie
  • French Onion Apple Cider Soup 6 of 7
    French Onion Apple Cider Soup
    This rich soup is filled with the bracing sweet flavor of caramelized onions and clear, healthy beef broth. Instead of a heavy dairy cap the cheese is served separately on toast. And, best of all, apple cider gives it delicious natural, healthy sweetness.
    Make french onion apple cider soup
  • 7 Delicious Healthy Citrus Recipes 7 of 7
    7 Delicious Healthy Citrus Recipes
    All kinds of citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C and there are so many ways to eat them! If you are not into smoothies don't sweat it, you can always enjoy fresh, healthy citrus in all kinds of salads and even crepes.
    Try one of these healthy citrus recipes


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