Banish Snacktime Boredom!

  • Banish Snacktime Boredom! 1 of 20
    20 fun kids snack recipes for after school
  • Cucumber Snakes 2 of 20
    Did ssssomebody say it was ssssnacktime? This snake is on the hunt for some afternoon nosh — if he can survive your kids’ hungry mouths! Make cucumber snakes »
  • Nutella and Peanut Butter Sushi Rolls 3 of 20
    Mom, you’re on a roll! Whip up these cute sushi rolls for an eye-catching, easy snack.

    Make Nutella and peanut butter sushi rolls »
  • Apple and Peanut Butter Sandwich 4 of 20
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away — and banishes snacktime boredom, too!

    Make apple and peanut butter sandwich »
  • Homemade Goldfish Crackers 5 of 20
    While Goldfish crackers are a mom- and kid-friendly favorite, we love the DIY look of these extra-cheddar-y, baked crackers.

    Make homemade goldfish crackers »
  • Surfing Gummi Bears 6 of 20
    Missing summer already? (Us, too!) These adorable bears know how to hang ten — and delight any kid who spends an afternoon helping to make them.

    Make surfing gummi bears »
  • Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches on a Stick 7 of 20
    While a whole ice cream sandwich might be too much sugar for after school, these baby bites are just the right size for a sweet fix.

    Make mini ice cream sandwiches on a stick »
  • Chocolate Pupcakes 8 of 20
    If your family’s having a ruff day, these adorable desserts will put a smile on their faces. I mean, just look at those puppy-dog eyes …

    Make chocolate pupcakes »
  • Squirmy, Wormy Apples 9 of 20
    This easy, fun treat will get reluctant kids to scarf down their fruit — finally, a time when finding a worm in your apple is a good thing!

    Make squirmy, wormy apples »
  • Hot Tub Teddy Bears 10 of 20
    Turn your kitchen into a chocolate factory for the afternoon with this easy treat using chocolate chips and gummy bears.

    Make hot tub teddy bears »
  • Groundhog Graham Crackers 11 of 20
    Does snacktime ever feel like Groundhog’s Day: the same thing over and over? These cute graham crackers are perfect for dipping in pudding — and making everyone as happy as those little critters.

    Make groundhog graham crackers »
  • Apple Bear Muffins 12 of 20
    Sometimes you just gotta grin and bear it during a tough week of school, and these adorable muffins will certainly help!

    Make apple bear muffins »
  • Checkerboard Blondies and Brownies 13 of 20
    It’s okay to play with your food with this recipe! Mix together brownies and blondies for a fun checkerboard snack.

    Make checkerboard blondies and brownies »
  • Neon Rainbow Push-Up Cake Pops 14 of 20
    These push-up cake pops are trendy, bright, and contain all the mess in one easy-to-clean contraption: brilliant.

    Make neon rainbow push-up cake pops »
  • Mini Falafel Pita Bites 15 of 20
    Kids are obsessed with tiny things made just for them — and these adorable, snack-sized pitas are no exception.

    Make mini falafel pita bites »
  • Caterpillar in the Grass Cupcakes 16 of 20
    It’s okay to get dirty in the kitchen now and then. Hopefully the coconut “grass” in these cupcakes won’t stain! Make caterpillar in the grass cupcakes »
  • Cheater Pain au Chocolat 17 of 20
    If you’ve got a spare afternoon, some candy, and puff pastry, you’ve got a chance for a pain au chocolat taste test — one competition we don’t mind encouraging!

    Make cheater pain au chocolat »
  • Chocolate-Covered Animal Crackers 18 of 20
    Liven up a dull afternoon — and dull animal crackers — by slathering them with just a little chocolate and sprinkles. Yum!

    Make chocolate-covered animal crackers »
  • Mouse Cookies 19 of 20
    Are your little mice a little rowdy? Whip up this snack with them — kids can help by measuring, stirring, and of course, eating!

    Make mouse cookies &raquo
  • Halloween Nachos 20 of 20
    Ooooh! For a fun cooking playdate, kids can cut out spooky shapes and make ghostly faces on the chips once they’re baked.

    Make Halloween Nachos »

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