Eat Between the Lines!

  • Eat Between the Lines! 1 of 12
    11 striped foods kids will love
  • Chocolate-striped Banana Bread 2 of 12
    Chocolate-striped Banana Bread
    Earn your baking stripes with this chocolate banana bread a delicious treat the kids will wake up for on Saturday morning. Make chocolate-striped banana bread »
  • Zebra-striped Nutella Pancakes 3 of 12
    Zebra-striped Nutella Pancakes
    Just like a zebra can'tchange its stripes, youll have a hard time changing breakfast into anything less than sweet perfection with this recipe! Make zebra-striped Nutella pancakes »
  • Striped Strawberry Nutella Paninis 4 of 12
    Striped Strawberry Nutella Paninis
    Youll never see stripes disappear faster than when your kids dig into these fruit- and Nutella-filled paninis. Make striped strawberry Nutella paninis »
  • Striped Jell-O Bites 5 of 12
    Striped Jell-O Bites
    Looking to kick up snack time a notch? These jiggly, striped Jell-O bites will leave your kiddies screaming, Its alive! with every bite.Make striped Jell-O bites »
  • Striped Pasta with Tomato Sauce 6 of 12
    Striped Pasta with Tomato Sauce
    Youll never touch boring white pasta again after trying this wacky, striped variety. Its just the dish to channel the colorful flavors of Italian cuisine.Make striped pasta with tomato sauce »
  • Striped Gorgonzola Butter Steak 7 of 12
    Striped Gorgonzola Butter Steak
    There are no stripes more delicious to steak-lovers than those seared onto the perfect cut of sirloin. Make striped gorgonzola butter steak »
  • Easy Striped Cupcakes with Swirled Frosting 8 of 12
    Easy Striped Cupcakes with Swirled Frosting
    Whats brown and white and striped all over? These chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with swirled frosting, of course!Make easy striped cupcakes with swirled frosting »
  • Homemade Rainbow-striped Popsicles 9 of 12
    Homemade Rainbow-striped Popsicles
    Spring comes early with these sweet, rainbow-striped popsicles. Go ahead, let them have two; its fruit juice on a stick!Make homemade rainbow popsicles »
  • Zebra-striped Cake 10 of 12
    Zebra-striped Cake
    Bring the zoo into your kitchen with this zebra-striped cake just the dessert to send your kids into a feeding frenzy. Make a zebra-striped cake»
  • Striped Ice Cream Cake 11 of 12
    Striped Ice Cream Cake
    I scream, you scream, we all scream for striped ice cream cake! Make striped ice cream cake»
  • Striped Gingerbread Diamonds 12 of 12
    Striped Gingerbread Diamonds
    A hefty drizzle of maple butter glaze turns these gingerbread blondies into a white-striped wonder. Make striped gingerbread diamonds »

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