Eat Like You Live at Downton Abbey! (Butler Not Included)

Bread Pudding

I am addicted to the show Downton Abbey. I wish they produced more episodes every season so I wouldn’t have to wait so long between seasons! One of the things that has always interested me about the show is how to they eat so incredibly well. The kitchen is constantly atwitter with gossip and cooking. They never stop churning out incredible meals! It is amazing to think that is how much effort used to go into a simple meal like high tea. Here are some of the foods that you would commonly find for a full dinner at a place like Downton Abbey. Formal English meals used to include many, many courses ranging from seafood to game to light desserts. If you are planning your own Downton Abbey dinner party, or just want to eat like you are a Grantham, here you go! (Sorry, Carson isn’t included.)

Top Photo: Julie Van Rosendaal

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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