Eat Like You’re at the Golden Globes! 10 Recipes to Create Your Own Red Carpet-worthy Menu

The kick off to the fabulous and glamorous awards season is almost here! That’s right, I’m talking about the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards this Sunday. Those talented celebrities in attendance get to enjoy a sumptuous, three-course meal that took six months to create. It’s a foodie’s heaven — but don’t get too down about not being there to taste it. I got my hands on the official Golden Globe menu and put together my own red carpet-worthy menu for you to serve at your Golden Globes soiree this weekend!

Here’s what your favorite stars will be noshing on this Sunday:

The Beverly Hilton’s 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Dinner Menu


Grilled Artichoke with Fennel Tomato Lemon Mousse
California Pepper Honey Goat Cheese on Endive Pear Salad


Smoked Flat Iron Steak with Sweet Pickled Mini Pepper
California Olive-Orange Marinated Pacific Sea Bass with Caramelized Mint Fennel


Cappuccino Mousse Cake

Based on this menu for Hollywood’s finest, I put together a delicious three-course meal so you, too, can eat like you’re at the Golden Globes. Check it out below!

  • Appetizers 1 of 13
    Kick off your Golden Globes party with these four savory appetizers that are sure to impress your dinner guests!
  • Creamy Artichoke Tartlettes 2 of 13
    Creamy Artichoke Tartlettes
    A handheld tart is a great appetizer to replicate the grilled artichoke with creamy mousse nosh on the Golden Globe menu. And the best part? They take less than 20 minutes to bake -- so you'll have more time to judge the fashion hits and misses during the red carpet pre-show.
    Make your own creamy artichoke tartlettes
  • Apple Endive Salad 3 of 13
    Apple Endive Salad
    What appetizer menu would be complete without a bit of salad? The Golden Globe menu calls for endive and pears salad, but we've got you covered with a twist: endive and apples.
    Make your own apple endive salad
  • Figs with Goat Cheese and Honey 4 of 13
    Figs with Goat Cheese and Honey
    While the Golden Globe menu calls for a simple pepper and honey goat cheese, we thought we'd dress up this hor dourve even more by adding figs into the mix. Just add a few turns of the pepper grinder to give a little kick.
    Make your own figs with goat cheese and honey
  • Sweet Potato Tart with a California Walnut Crust 5 of 13
    Sweet Potato Tart with a California Walnut Crust
    Kabocha pumpkin is very similar in taste and texture to sweet potato, but much more difficult to find. Here's an easy-to-make alternative.
    Make your own sweet potato tart with a California walnut crust
  • Main Course 6 of 13
    Main Course
    Whether you're a steak lover or prefer a fishier dish, either of these main courses will leave you watching the Golden Globes in a delicious fashion.
  • Smoked Steak 7 of 13
    Smoked Steak
    You don't have to be attending the Golden Globes to enjoy a restaurant-quality steak worthy of the stars. Let our tips for cooking the perfect steak be your guide!
    Make your own smoked steak
  • Pickled Peppers 8 of 13
    Pickled Peppers
    To recreate the Golden Globe steak that your favorite stars will be enjoying, add some of these pickled peppers for a sweet 'n' spicy burst of flavor.
    Make your own pickled peppers
  • Striped Bass in Arrabbiata Sauce 9 of 13
    Striped Bass in Arrabbiata Sauce
    For those who aren't a fan of red meat, here's a a delicious fish option: striped bass in arrabbiata sauce. We imagine you'll be cheering on Rachel Weisz of the nominated film The Deep Blue Sea with every bite!
    Make your own striped bass in arrabbiata sauce
  • Blood Orange, Beet, and Fennel Salad 10 of 13
    Blood Orange, Beet, and Fennel Salad
    Serve this colorful salad alongside your bass dish for an extra burst of flavor.
    Make your own blood orange, beet, and fennel salad
  • Dessert 11 of 13
    There's no sweeter way to end your Golden Globes soiree than with chocolate mousse cups and a sweet iced cappuccino.
  • Dark Chocolate Mousse Cups 12 of 13
    Dark Chocolate Mousse Cups
    Mousse is a decadent treat and fits right in with the glamorous Golden Globes Awards show. And just imagine, you'll be enjoying the same dessert as Richard Gere and Helen Mirren. Small world.
    Make your own dark chocolate mousse cups
  • Iced Cappuccino 13 of 13
    Iced Cappuccino
    What better way to top off your five-star menu than with a creamy and dreamy homemade iced cappuccino?
    Make your own homemade iced cappuccinos

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