Eating Lox While Pregnant or Not: Toasted Bagels and Lox

I married a Norwegian, and with this ring, I also received a healthy dose of raw, cured and smoked fish: lutefisk, pickled herring and, of course, lox. While I haven’t embraced the joys of lutefisk, and I usually pass on the pickled herring, I have welcomed lox with open arms.

A cold-smoked salmon, lox is the perfect topping on crackers and bagels. A bit of lemon dill cream cheese, a caper or two and breakfast suddenly becomes a savory delicacy and not something you grab as you run out the door, even if you are grabbing and running out the door.

Along with my husband’s Norwegian heritage and food came my beautiful (half) Norwegian children. Four pregnancies tried to keep me from consuming my new-found love for lox, but not to fear. There’s a way to love lox while expecting without the listeria hysteria.

As with most deli meats, heating lox to 160 degrees will make it safe for consumption when you’re expecting. So, while you toast your bagel, toss your lox in the microwave or, even better, toast them both together in the toaster oven and get a warm and smoky treat.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich
1 bagel of your choice
2 tablespoons lemon dill cream cheese
4 ounces lox or (for the raw fish apprehensive) smoked salmon
1 teaspoon capers
2 slices Roma tomatoes
1 large slice romaine or handful of spring mix

Toast bagel and top with cream cheese, lox or smoked salmon, capers, tomatoes and romaine.

For the pregnant folk: Toast the bagel and the lox or smoked salmon together in the toaster oven, making sure lox reaches 160 degrees internal temperature. Spread bagel with cream cheese and top with lox or smoked salmon, capers, tomatoes and romaine.

Makes 1 sandwich.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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