Family Kitchen Favorites: 22 Tasty Turkey Recipes


This is the time of the year when everyone is thinking (and drooling) about a giant roast turkey with all the fixins. Well, the good folks here at Family Kitchen are bringing you our favorite turkey recipes that will help you cook the perfect bird and transform it into incredible new dishes just in time to take advantage of great prices on turkey, too! From Mexican to curry to Italian and all kinds of new flavor combinations, your family is sure to love them all, and not just on Thanksgiving.

  • Turkey Meatball And Hearty Vegetable Soup 1 of 22
    Turkey Meatball And Hearty Vegetable Soup
    A healthier version of the traditional ground beef meatball, and it's all wrapped up in a hearty vegetable soup.
    Make your own turkey meatball and hearty vegetable soup
  • Tender Asian Turkey Burger 2 of 22
    Tender Asian Turkey Burger
    The secret to super moist turkey burgers is bread soaked milk. That's what makes these so tender and juicy.
    Make your own tender Asian turkey burger
  • Perfect Winter Lasagna 3 of 22
    Perfect Winter Lasagna
    Cozy up with this yummy Italian comfort food during the cold winter. You're sure to feel some warmth from the inside.
    Make your own perfect winter turkey lasagna
  • Roast Turkey Breast, Effortless And Classic 4 of 22
    Roast Turkey Breast, Effortless And Classic
    If you are having a small Thanksgiving this year, here is the perfect solution to cooking a giant whole turkey: Just roast the turkey breast.
    Make your own roast turkey breast recipe, effortless and classic
  • Cold Turkey Sandwiches With Cranberry Chutney And Goat Cheese 5 of 22
    Cold Turkey Sandwiches With Cranberry Chutney And Goat Cheese
    A seemingly simple sandwich is transformed into a flavorful dream when cranberry and goat cheese hit your palate.
    Make your own cold turkey sandwich with cranberry chutney and goat cheese
  • Turkey Taquitos 6 of 22
    Turkey Taquitos
    Super fun Mexican flavors and kids' favorite, these taquitos will go perfectly with a salsa and dip bar. To save time, just use a variety of store-bought salsa with guacamole and sour cream.
    Make your own turkey taquitos
  • Turkey Hand Pie With Caramelized Leeks 7 of 22
    Turkey Hand Pie With Caramelized Leeks
    We can almost taste the flaky crust with caramelized leeks, wrapped around moist turkey bits! Make this and you'll see why this made our favorites list!
    Make your own turkey hand pie with caramelized leeks
  • How To Brine A Turkey 8 of 22
    How To Brine A Turkey
    Follow this simple step if you want to make a super moist and flavorful Thanksgiving turkey, every time.
    Learn how to brine a turkey
  • A Turkey Mulligatawny Soup Recipe 9 of 22
    A Turkey Mulligatawny Soup Recipe
    Curry flavors transform your turkey dinner into an entirely new dish full of comfort.
    Make your own turkey mulligatawny soup recipe
  • Turkey Pot Pie 10 of 22
    Turkey Pot Pie
    Savory pie filled with lovely gravy, turkey, and lots of veggies for the whole family to drool over.
    Make your own turkey pot pie
  • Turkey Tortilla Bake 11 of 22
    Turkey Tortilla Bake
    This recipe reminds me of a Mexican version of lasagna because it calls for layers of ingredients. Only instead of noodles, cheese, turkey, and sauce, the ingredients are tortilla chips, veggies, turkey, cheese, and salsa.
    Make your own turkey tortilla bake
  • 5 Spice Asian Lettuce Wraps 12 of 22
    5 Spice Asian Lettuce Wraps
    This Asian-inspired flavored recipe will completely transform your idea of turkey. My kids love lettuce wraps they don't even realize they are eating a healthy salad!
    Make your own 5 spice Asian turkey lettuce wraps
  • Cream Of Wild Rice And Turkey Soup 13 of 22
    Cream Of Wild Rice And Turkey Soup
    Most turkey soups are the same old, same old. Not this one! With a creamy base and wild rice, you are in for a treat.
    Make your own cream of wild rice and turkey soup
  • Turkey Apple And Cheddar Sandwich 14 of 22
    Turkey Apple And Cheddar Sandwich
    Apple and cheddar is a great combination, so why not add the deliciousness of turkey to take this sandwich over the top?
    Make your own turkey apple and cheddar sandwich
  • Chipotle Turkey Salad Sandwich 15 of 22
    Chipotle Turkey Salad Sandwich
    This sandwich is full of originality and uniqueness and is absolutely delicious with the spice of Adobo added to the mix.
    Make your own chipotle turkey salad sandwich
  • Turkey Chili 16 of 22
    Turkey Chili
    A healthier version of chili using lean, ground turkey and simple ingredients you most likely have around the house.
    Make your own turkey chili
  • NJ-Style Sloppy Joes 17 of 22
    NJ-Style Sloppy Joes
    I may not be from New Jersey, but these NJ-style sloppy Joes sure make me wish I was!
    Make your own NJ-style sloppy Joes
  • Turkey Bolognese 18 of 22
    Turkey Bolognese
    I love a good Bolognese sauce and when I made this one for my Itaian hubs, he begged for more.
    Make your own turkey Bolognese
  • Turkey Tortilla Bake 19 of 22
    Turkey Tortilla Bake
    I've only seen chicken tortilla soup, but this recipe is genius for using leftover Thanksgiving turkey!
    Make your own turkey tortilla soup
  • Greek-Style Turkey Burger With Feta 20 of 22
    Greek-Style Turkey Burger With Feta
    This turkey burger is anything but boring, and much healthier than using ground lamb.
    Make your own Greek-style turkey burger with feta
  • BBQ Turkey Sandwich 21 of 22
    BBQ Turkey Sandwich
    This may be the easiest BBQ sandwich ever. All you have to do is toss four ingredients into a crock pot with your leftover turkey bit, let it cook for a couple of hours, and it's ready to be serve.
    Make your own BBQ turkey sandwich recipe
  • Teriyaki Turkey 22 of 22
    Teriyaki Turkey
    Either make this recipe from scratch or completely transform your leftover turkey with Asian flair.
    Make your own teriyaki turkey

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