Fancy Food Show DC 2011 Trends

Fancy Food Show Trends 2011
Fancy Food Show Trends 2011

Over the weekend I attended the opening day of the Summer Fancy Food Show 2011, held at the Washington, DC Convention Center. It was a sea of chocolates, cookies, sips and bites. Being vegan, I tried to scope out some family-friendly, healthier food trends. And I was pleased to see several healthy/fancy foods on display. My highlighted trends lean towards the healthier end of the fancy food spectrum. You won’t find “Bacon Air” on my list. Yes, that is an actual product. Here are the delicious, fancy, family-friendly trends I spotted..

I browsed the show floor – wall to wall eye candy of chocolates, cheeses, crackers, cookies and drinks. The trends that I noticed are shown in the slideshow below. These are trends and products that you may be seeing on your store shelves very soon.

  • Fancy Wellness Tea 1 of 20
    Fancy Wellness Tea
    This antioxidant-infused tea from Tea Forte, is just sign that wellness is in style. And in your tea cup.
  • Fancy Drink Mixers 2 of 20
    Fancy Drink Mixers
    Fancy fruity drink mixers and elixers are in style for summer and beyond. Cool iced drinks go fancy with exotic fruit flavors and infusions like pomegranate and black currant.
  • Fancy Oils 3 of 20
    Fancy Oils
    Olive oil is still in. But now fancy oils like hazelnut, pistachio, almond and grape seed oils are fabulous healthy ways to perk up your meals.
  • Oils con’t 4 of 20
    Oils con't
    Pairing your oil to your recipe is a new art. Try hazelnut over mashed sweet potatoes or grape seed oil drizzled over your green salad.
  • Fancy Condiments 5 of 20
    Fancy Condiments
    Table ketchup is out and fancy ketchup, mayo and mustard are in!
  • Fancy Rubs and Spices 6 of 20
    Fancy Rubs and Spices
    Spice blends are in. With so many spice combos to choose from you'll never get bored at mealtime.
  • Fancy Grains 7 of 20
    Fancy Grains
    Gluten free grains like quinoa are huge right now. So it seems only fair that we start seeing products that take the standard quinoa grain to a whole new level of delicious and fun.
  • Fancy Popcorn 8 of 20
    Fancy Popcorn
    Adding salt to your popcorn is so last year. This year, try adding some fun and unique popcorn seasoning blends. Dill Pickle popcorn? Oh yes.
  • Fancy Fun Snacks 9 of 20
    Fancy Fun Snacks
    Fancy snacks don't have to be snooty - they can be fun. That's why the Pirate brand of snacks is a healthy way to keep your mouth crunching whenever it craves a snack treat. Pirates Booty for all.
  • Fancy Coconut Oil 10 of 20
    Fancy Coconut Oil
    Coconut oil is very trendy right now. There are conflicting claims about how healthy it is. But if you're a fan, you will surely see more of it on store shelves this year.
  • Fancy Cocktails Made Easy 11 of 20
    Fancy Cocktails Made Easy
    Try a Mojito or Sangria that's made by liquid you add to this handy dandy powder mix. Surprisingly tasty! And so easy.
  • Fancy Frozen Flavors 12 of 20
    Fancy Frozen Flavors
    Fancy ice cream has been around for a while - but new flavors are always fun. Try avocado, lychee or red bean and thai tea pops!
  • Fancy Chocolates 13 of 20
    Fancy Chocolates
    Fancy chocolates have been done for years - but that doesn't mean we can't see new flavors this year. Chocolates with nuts and spices are especially trendy.
  • Fancy Skinny Crackers 14 of 20
    Fancy Skinny Crackers
    Good for you crackers are in. Made with hearty whole grains and seeds - skinny crackers are a perfect healthy and happening snack!
  • Fancy Coconut Water 15 of 20
    Fancy Coconut Water
    Coconut water continues to thrive. Edward and Sons is the only organic coconut water on the market. They chose aluminum cans because they can easily be recycled.
  • Fancy Do-it-Yourself Foods 16 of 20
    Fancy Do-it-Yourself Foods
    Grow your own herbs and mushrooms! These shrooms are even grown on sustainable coffee grounds. Genius!
  • Fancy Olives 17 of 20
    Fancy Olives
    Olives, olives as far as the eye can see - in every flavor possible. Garlic, jalapeno, chili and more.
  • Fancy Pasta 18 of 20
    Fancy Pasta
    Pasta sauce gets fancy this year. Try Butternut Squash Sauce or even this creamy dairy-free coconut Masala sauce.
  • Fancy Sauce 19 of 20
    Fancy Sauce
    Some fancy pasta awaits..
  • Fancy Snack Packs 20 of 20
    Fancy Snack Packs
    Snack packs are so smart - and trendy! Try these olive snack packs for an on-the-go fancy food treat.

About the Show. The Summer Fancy Food Show is the largest market place for specialty foods and beverages in North America. It is operated by NASFT, National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. The show covers 318,000 square feet with over 18,000 expected attendees and 2,400 exhibiting companies. So you can imagine the variety of fancy food products that are on display.

Some fun facts about Fancy Food:
* In 2010, the top specialty food purchases were coffee, chocolate, olive oil/specialty oils, cheese and cold beverages.
* 63% of all consumers purchase specialty foods.
* 70% of specialty food consumers buy specialty foods to treat themselves.
* Farmer’s markets have grown to become the fourth most significant source of specialty foods.
*Natural food stores are the fastest growing retail channel for specialty foods.

*source: Today’s Specialty Food Consumer & Today’s Specialty Food Consumer 2010, NASFT

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