Fast & Easy Corn On The Cob

Is there anything better than fresh and sweet corn on the cob? I could eat it every day all summer long, but when it comes to shucking, blech and I never quite know exactly how to cook it. Sometime I grill it with husk on, sometimes wrapped in foil or directly on the grill. Then there’s boiling, do I start from cold water? How long do I boil it? Boiling it tends to make the flavor watered down though. I never seem to cook corn the same way twice, always searching for the perfect recipe.

Yesterday I was stocking up on the sweet corn sale and decided to shuck it into the bin provided by the store. A woman, who looked like my grandmother, suggested I leave the husk on and microwave it. Seriously? Another grandmother figure concurred, then another! There were three grandmothers all agreeing that microwave corn on the cob is the easiest and cleanest method for cooking. They had me hooked and I asked all three of them exactly how to cook it. I immediately went home and tried it out and it worked! No shucking, super clean with no silks left behind and absolutely delicious flavor and texture. Thank you three adorable and oh-so-sweet grandmother figures. Check out the step by step guide to the easiest corn you’ve ever made.

  • The Easiest Corn You’ve Ever Made 1 of 9
  • Get your corn on the cob and leave it just as it came from the store 2 of 9
  • Place it in the microwave. 3 of 9

    Cook on high for 2 minute per ear. The most I made at one time was 2 ears of corn for 4 minutes.

  • Use oven mitts when removing as the corn is HOT. 4 of 9
  • Trim the end/stem. 5 of 9
  • To expose the corn. 6 of 9
  • Remove the corn from the husk. 7 of 9

    While holding the top end of the corn with your oven mitt, squeeze the corn cob out of the trimmed end. It should come out relatively easily and completely clean and ready to eat.

  • This is how it looks. 8 of 9

    I didn't pick any silks off, really! All I did was squeeze it out of the husk and it was this clean! Those grandma's were right!

  • So tasty! 9 of 9

    Everyone loved it!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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