Fiesta Time! Easy Fajita Dinner

This time of year gets so crazy with holiday activities and parties and school functions. It sure doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for the warm home cooked me we all want at the end of a cold, busy day. That’s where my friend the crock pot comes to the rescue. We are using the crock pot cook the main course so the kids and I can have fun making all the sides. On our Menu: crock pot fajitas, homemade tortillas (they are so easy and fun, I swear!), guacamole, beans and spanish rice, salsa, and churros for dessert. Get the recipes and how to get it all on the table after the jump…

  • Holy Guacamole 1 of 7
    Holy Guacamole
    It's so easy to make that taking the package off the store bought kind is harder.
    Get the recipe here Cooking With My Kid
  • Yummy Black Beans 2 of 7
    Yummy Black Beans
    Turn a can of boring black beans into something extraordinary.
    Get the recipe here Cooking With My Kid
  • Quick Salsa 3 of 7
    Quick Salsa
    All you need is a few pulses in a mini chop and viola, salsa!
    Get the recipe here Cooking With My Kid
  • Homemade Tortillas 4 of 7
    Homemade Tortillas
    These are so easy that I keep a bag of Masa flour in my pantry at all times to make a last minute tortilla.
    Get the recipe here Cooking With My Kid
  • Quick Spanish RIce 5 of 7
    Quick Spanish RIce
    Give your plain, brown instant rice little spanish influence.
    Get the recipe here Cooking With My Kid
  • Crock Pot Fajitas 6 of 7
    Crock Pot Fajitas
    I'm serious, it does all the work for you.
    Get the recipe here Cooking With My Kid
  • Baked Churros 7 of 7
    Baked Churros
    Keep it healthier by baking your churros.
    Get the recipe here Cooking With My Kid

Start early in the day, between shopping and parties and all the other things going on today and begin the crock pot fajitas. Now go about your day and return home to make all the sides. First get started on the the guacamole. Kids love mushing up the avocado, so give this job to little people. Next get your yummy beans a simmering. Once they can be left alone, begin the spanish rice. Meanwhile place the salsa fixin’s in the mini chop and pule a couple of times (if you don’t have a mini chop, just slice it all up and ask for a mini chop for Christmas or hanukkah). Time to make the churros and get them in the oven. While they are baking make the tortillas, get this little hands working at making flat tortillas (rolling pins work great) and sauté the peppers. You did it! A full on Fajita bar, Ole!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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