Filling Cupcake Tins with Your Kids Hefty Slider Bags

My kids wanted to make cupcakes today. Or a cake. Or brownies. Regardless, we settled for cupcakes. So, my 5-year-old, standing there in her cherry blossom apron, tied tightly behind her back, set to work mixing and measuring, until finally they were ready to transfer into the lined cupcake tin.

I had walked away and come back in to find a single paper filled to the top with the mixture, the spoon slathered in it, and the mess growing before my eyes. “Um, let’s think of another way we could do this.”

Searching, I could not find my large scoop that I use for filling cupcakes, but I couldn’t give up or I would have a mess of sticky batter all over the tin, my counter, and up my daughter’s arms. Then I had a brilliant idea. More than storing things, I use Hefty Slider Bags to move food from one place to another.

Placing the bag in a cup, I fill it with the cupcake batter. I easily slide the bag closed, and then I twist it into a cone form. Placing it in my daughter’s grasp, I snip the tip and create the easiest squeeze bag of batter ever, allowing her to get the goo in the tins and not on her arms, the counters, and everywhere else as she had been before.

A simple solution that saves loads of scrubbing later and kept my sanity when cooking with the kids in check.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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