Firecracker Party Foods: 8 Fun Recipes for Your New Year's Celebration

Just a few days left before 2012, and we’ve got 7 of the hottest recipes for your New Year’s party. From gorgeously simple Firecracker Shrimp to explosively adorable Sparkler Cupcake Candles, here are seven ideas that will turn your weekend into a weekend to remember.

  • Firecracker Shrimp 1 of 7
    Firecracker Shrimp is an easy appetizer for New Years celebrating. It's stunning, simple, and super delish!
    Click for the recipe from New Asian Cuisine.
  • Firecracker Chicken Salad 2 of 7
    Firecracker Chicken Salad is colorful, healthy, and quick!
    Click for the recipe from Whole Foods.
  • Firecracker Fajitas 3 of 7
    These colorful Firecracker Fajitas are a great way to feed a crowd!
    Get our recipe for Firecracker fajitas.
  • Firecracker Cupcakes 4 of 7
    FIrecracker Cupcakes can be decorated in dozens of colors to feature the New Years season!
    Get our recipe for Firecracker Cupcakes.
  • Champagne Cake Pops 5 of 7
    New Years Cake Pops offer up a sweet bite of fun while you await the annual firecracker show!
    Click for the recipe from Mega Crafty.
  • Firecracker Champagne & Grapes 6 of 7
    What better way to get your champagne on than with this Firecracker-inspired cocktail?!
    Click for the recipe from Noble Pig.
  • Sparkler Cake Candles 7 of 7
    Turn your cupcakes into little sparkling celebrations with these fun sparkler cake candles.
    Click here to find your ownSparkler Cake Candles.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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