Five Quick & Cute Cupcakes for Father's Day

Dad’s are special.  Dad’s are very special.  They are so special that plopping a slab of cake in front of their faces for Father’s Day is hardly the treat they deserve.  But, your week has been like mine, right?  Busy and hectic and full of all that summer hubbub which seems to whirl into our lives despite our best efforts to slow down and suck in the season. 

A busy week doesn’t mean there isn’t time to make something extra special for your dad.  In just a matter of minutes, using simple decorations that can be found at most grocery stores, you can make any one of these adorable cupcakes, and have them ready to present to your Papa just in time for his big day. 

Whether your dad is a golf fiend, a technogeek, a sportsman, a fisherman, or king of the grill, here are five of the cutest, quickest cupcakes you can custom-make for the man in your life.  Guaranteed to make his Father’s day the best ever!

All you need is a batch of  extra large, homemade cupcakes (storebought mixes bake up softer and less dense, making decorating more difficult), a bowl full of homemade buttercream (find my favorite lick-the-spoon frosting recipe below), and a few happy helpers.  (My seven year old daughter helped me assemble every single one of these cupcakes.)   Now that you have those supplies, it’s time to decorate! 


  • Supplies Needed: Green food coloring, graham cracker crumbs, white bubblegum balls, white sucker sticks, scrapbook paper cut into small triangles, hot glue gun
  • How to Assemble: Tint 3/4 of your bowl of buttercream dark green, leaving the rest of the frosting white.  Frost the entire cupcake green,   leaving a small figure-8 shaped dent in the center of the green frosting.  Spoon white frosting into the figure-8 sized hole, spreading gently with a small knife.  Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on top of the white frosting.  Hot glue the triangles of scrapbook paper near the top of each sucker stick (be sure to write or type any message you’d like on your flags before gluing them together!) Press flag into the center of your cupcake.  Gently place a small, white gumball by each flag.  Time to tee off!


  • Supplies Needed: 6 packs of Trident gum, Haribo Berries candies, Haribo Licorice Wheels, white nonpariels sprinkles, tape, hot glue gun, 2 sheets of white cardstock.
  • How to assemble: Frost cupcakes generously with white buttercream, sprinkle with white sprinkles.  Carefully peel the colored wrapper from each box of Trident gum, securing the back into place with a bit of tape (you can also just cover the Trident boxes with the matte side of aluminum foil, if you’d prefer).  Cut 1″ x 1 1/2″ rectangles and 1 1/2″ circles (use a hole punch to create a hole in the center of the circle) from cardstock.  Invite your kids to decorate the rectangles with “Now Playing” designs.  Hot glue the rectangles toward the top of the Trident box, securing the cut circles just underneath.  This is your “”MP3 player.”   Press it firmly into the cupcake.  Split a 4 inch section of licorice apart ever so slightly, then press it into the cupcake behind the gumbox, wrapping the front half around to the front of the cupcakes.  Press Haribo berries into the frosting near the end of the licorice to make “earbuds.”  Allow frosting time to air dry and firm in a cool location before serving.


  • Supplies Needed: Red and yellow gel food coloring, black licorice strings, gummi hot dogs & burgers (I found mine at Walgreens), Swedish Fish candies, plastic forks, white cardstock (printed with black squares and white text that says “grill daddy” and cut into 1″ x 2″ rectangles), hot glue gun 
  • How To Assemble: Tint frosting generously with red food coloring.  Add a bit of yellow food coloring, fold just slightly into the frosting to create a marbled red-yellow-and-orange look.  Frost cupcakes generously.  Place small strips of licorice rope across the top of the frosted cupcake, resembling a grill grate.  Gently press gummi hot dogs, burgers, and Swedish fish over the licorice “grate.”  Hot glue “Grill Daddy” signs near the top of the plastic forks.  Press the handle of the plastic forks into the back center of each cupcake.  Fire up the grill, it’s time to eat!
  • Side Notes:  There are lots of great ways that you can play with the final look of this cupcake. Try making mini corn-on-the-cobs with yellow Mike & Ike’s, or make teensy “shishkabobs” by threading small pieces of Mike & Ikes onto toothpicks before placing them on your cupcake grill.  Bottles of candy soda would also work well with this theme.   


  • Supplies needed: Blue and green food coloring, waffle pretzels, large stick pretzels, Swedish fish, red licorice rope, poscicle sticks, 1 sheet of white cardstock, hot glue gun
  • How To Assemble: Spoon 2 T. of white buttercream into a small zip-top bag.  With the remaining frositing, tint half blue and the other half green.  Frost one half of each cupcake with blue, and the other half with green.  Snip a small corner off of the plastic bag, and pipe a tiny amount of frosting onto the corners of four pretzels.  Press them together to form a “basket.”   Set aside and allow frosting to harden slightly.  Tie 4-5 inch lengths of red licorice around the end each pretzel stick.  Tie the other half of the licorice around the tail of a swedish fish candy.  Hot glue small rectangles onto popscicle sticks to create “signs” (be sure to write any preferred messages on each square of paper before gluing).  Gently press the assembled pretzel baskets into the top of each cupcake.  Fill by pressing swedish fish gently into the basket.  Insert the signs towards the back center of the cupcakes.  Firmly press the pretzels sticks into the edge of the cupcake, allowing the licorice swedish fish to dangle over the edge of the cupcake.  Go Fish!


  • Supplies Needed:  Orange tinted buttercream, black licorice rope, white nonpareil sprinkles.
  • How to assemble:  Frost each cupcake generously with buttercream frosting. Sprinkle lightly with white nonpareils.  Place two small strips of black licorice string in a C-shape near the edge of each cupcake.  Press a single strip of black licorice string down the center of each cupcake.  Use scissors to snip any unsightly ends.  Allow frosting to air dry and harden in a cool location before serving.


Need a great, homemade vanilla cupcake recipe?  Looking for the perfect chocolate cupcake to bake at home?  Want to whip up a batch of the best buttercream you’ve ever tasted.  You can find all of this and more in my “Perfect Cupcake Tutorial” by clicking here

A few final notes on decorating homemade cupcakes: Each of these cupcakes were cooked in extra-large muffin papers, which allows for a lot more decorating space.  When frosting your cupcakes with homemade buttercream, make sure you’ve put an ample amount of powdered sugar into the frosting,  whipping it until it’s nice and thick but still spreadable.

Wishing a sweet Father’s Day this year!

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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