Flashback: Food Fads, Failures and Fascinations of the 1980's

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I love the 80’s. Even with all the questionable fashion choices like wild neon colors, big hair, parachute pants and legwarmers… I can’t help but feel nostalgic about this decade. I am an 80’s girl.  I was in high school and remember when Michael Jackson, Van Halen and Madonna ruled the airwaves. It was a vibrant fun time.

Many memories of the past are triggered by what we were eating and drinking and the 80’s is no exception. I’ve put together some of the top food fads and stories from the 80’s. If you think I’ve missed something (and I’m sure I have) then please share your favorite memories from this totally tubular time in the comments section below.

Click on the slideshow below to like.. totally, like you know, see the rad food of the 1980’s

  • Sushi 1 of 12
    Sushi has been around for generations yet the 80's yuppie made it cool. Remember Molly Ringwald taking out her sophisticated sushi lunch in The Breakfast Club? Or Charlie Sheen making fresh sushi at his new pad in Wall Street? Photo Credit: IStockphoto.com
  • Anything in a Bread Bowl 2 of 12
    Chowder... Chili... Dips... in the 80's we would put just about anything in a hallowed out sourdough bread bowl. Photo Credit: IStockphoto.com
  • Frozen Yogurt 3 of 12
    Frozen yogurt! The health food alternative to ice cream! But the joke was on us as most of it was loaded with sugar... especially when we added all those toppings! Photo Credit: IStockphoto.com
  • Ranch Flavored Anything 4 of 12
    Ranch dressing wasn't just for salad anymore. We took that beloved flavor out of Hidden Valley and coated it on chips, crackers and even dipped our wings in it. Photo Credit: FritoLay
  • The Big 5 of 12
    The "classic" mistake by CocaCola that taught us all ... if it isn't broken... don't fix it. Photo Credit: AP File/msnbc.com
  • Sugary Celebrity Cereals 6 of 12
    The cereal isle was a scary place in the 80's. Every cartoon, TV show and movie had their own brand of sicky sweet wildly colored cereal. Photo Credit: liketotally80s.com
  • Wine Coolers 7 of 12
    Remember these guys? Who didn't love an ice cold Bartles & Jaymes (or 3) on a Friday night?
  • Reece’s Pieces 8 of 12
    "E.T's favorite candy!" After we saw Elliot leave a trail of Reece's Pieces for our favorite alien.. we were all eating them... including President Reagan! Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
  • The McDLT 9 of 12
    A burger with lettuce and tomato... not exactly a new idea but the packaging promised your veggies would be crisp and bun wouldn't be soggy. Photo Credit: msnbc.com
  • Pasta Salad 10 of 12
    Carbs? Who is counting? We tossed everything in pasta... especially the tri-colored kind. Photo Credit: IStockphoto.com
  • Oat Bran 11 of 12
    As we were getting physical to Jane Fonda we added bran to everything... including those yummy bran muffins loaded with sugar and calories. Photo Credit: IStockphoto.com
  • Sundried Tomatoes 12 of 12
    In the 80's Americans discovered sundried tomatoes. Fettuccine couldn't live without this intense flavor.

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