Flower Salads For May Day

I fondly remember May Day (May 1st) celebration in the 5th grade. The entire  5th grade class spent weeks learning a dance known as the Maypole Dance. Someone stands up as tall metal pole with several long ribbons attached to the top. Each kid grabs the other end of the ribbon and dances around the pole until it is wrapped top-to-bottom . It was such a big deal my mom bought me a new dress at Sears. And there were flowers everywhere, even in my hair. In the morning, before the dance, we picked flowers in the neighborhood yards and adjacent fields (I grew up in Ashland, Oregon), placed then on neighbors’ doorsteps, rang the bell and ran. May Day was, and is, one my favorite days of the year. We don’t break out the pole dance too often but we do secretly place flowers on the doorsteps of neighbors and friends.  This year, in honor of May Day, I’m creating a lovely flower-filled salad. Keep reading for inspiring recipes…

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  • Flower Salad 1 of 6
    Flower Salad
    I love that this recipe tell you which flowers to use, what part of the flower to use and what flavor to expect.
    Get the recipe for Flower salad at Sunset
  • Spring Bouquet Salad 2 of 6
    Spring Bouquet Salad
    Simple salad with simple dressing that this cook pulled together without a recipe.
    Get the recipe for spring bouquet salad at No Recipes
  • Mizuna and Broccoli Flower Salad 3 of 6
    Mizuna and Broccoli Flower Salad
    I remember as a kid we planted broccoli in the garden and it flowered. My mom was bummed, but now I know I can still use them!
    Get the recipe for mizuna and broccoli flower salad at Food Blogga
  • Bamboo Shoot and Chrysthanthemum Flower Salad 4 of 6
    Bamboo Shoot and Chrysthanthemum Flower Salad
    I love the bright orange, so beautiful and the citrusy dressing recipe to go along sounds like the perfect combination to these flowers.
    Get the recipe for bamboo shoot and chrysthanthemum flower salad at Kitchen M
  • Flower Power Salad 5 of 6
    Flower Power Salad
    I had no idea some of the recipes in the salad are edible and the asian dressing sounds delish.
    Get the recipe for flower power salad at A Scientist in the Kitchen
  • Microleave & Edible Flower Salad 6 of 6
    Microleave & Edible Flower Salad
    Microleave cracks me up, it's a fancy name for small lettuce. At least it makes for a lovely salad mixed with flowers.
    Get the recipe for microleave & edible flower salad at My Cooking Hut

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