Follow the Frog: Simple Ways to Protect the Rainforest

Last spring I was invited to travel to Costa Rica with the Rainforest Alliance to witness first-hand the benefits Rainforest Alliance certification was having in farming communities around central Costa Rica. On the trip, I visited several Rainforest Alliance certified farms, including a banana plantation and processing plant, a tropical flower farm, and a small passion fruit farm. I visited with small farmers and factory workers, and witnessed the beneficial impact that Rainforest Alliance certification has protecting the rainforest, supporting local communities, and preserving wildlife.

One of my biggest takeaways on the trip was learning how impactful RA certification is in bettering the lives of workers and their communities. Though the choice to purchase Rainforest Alliance certified products is an easy one, our basic consumer choices can have a lasting positive impact on workers, communities, forests and wildlife.

This week the Rainforest Alliance is celebrating ‘Follow the Frog‘ week, highlighting the important role everyday consumer choices can have in bettering our communities and the environment. At the core of the Rainforest Alliance’s message is that just because we don’t see the effects of our choices, doesn’t mean they don’t have far-reaching consequences.

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Our world is a complex place, and often making the right choices can feel like entering an impossible labyrinth. Happily, the Rainforest Alliance helps you effect positive change every day with their easy-to-spot frog seal of approval. So, the next time you’re at the store, shop the frog! The Rainforest Alliance makes it a cinch to find RA certified and verified products with this helpful feature on their site. Once you start shopping the frog, you’ll be surprised at how often this tiny seal pops up. Shop better, rest easier. It’s that simple!

Head below for a look at some common consumer products, and the positive impact that Rainforest Alliance certification has on communities and wildlife.

Disclosure: I traveled to Costa Rica with the Rainforest Alliance, and they sponsored my trip. All of the information provided here reflects my own opinions and views.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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