Food Blogger Bites: 16 Timeless Family Recipes to Pass Down to Your Kids

The comforting aroma of freshly baked bread reminds you instantly of summertime at grandma’s. Dad has made his famous firehouse chili again, and it’s just as good the fiftieth time as when his dad made it for him as a boy. Mom has packed the jar to the brim with heavenly chocolate chip cookies using that secret ingredient, just like her mother used to do. Food and recipes are interwoven in the fabric of our family lives, and they’re among the most important treasures we hand down from generation to generation. They gather together our loved ones, help us remember those who are long gone, and inspire timeless traditions.

That’s why, to kick off our 2013 Food Blogger Bites series, we asked our Top 100 Mom Food Bloggers for the number-one family recipe they plan to hand down to their kids. From cinnamon rolls to chicken soup, these dishes are sure to inspire your own family traditions! — Max Minckler

  • French Onion Soup 1 of 16

    I always ordered French onion soup and now that I have two onion-loving kids, it feels like something that's being passed down the generations.

    - Catherine McCord, Weelicious

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  • Creamy Cheesy Potatoes 2 of 16

    This is a favorite recipe that has been passed down to all of my children. We make this dish for every family get-together!

    - Jonna Warnke, Get off Your Butt and Bake

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  • Enchiladas en Salsa Roja 3 of 16

    This is one of the simplest, tastiest meals that has ever graced my lips: warm tortillas dipped in a rich tomato salsa and sprinkled with queso. A meal easily pulled together by my mom on a busy week night, served to family members when they would arrive for a visit, or even presented on a huge platter for a fiesta, enchiladas en salsa roja have always been one of my favorite meals.

    - Vianney Rodriguez, Sweet Life

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  • Homemade Salad Dressing 4 of 16

    Looks like salad dressing is going to be the recipe I pass down. My kids have seen me make it hundreds of times. The other night, I got home and learned from the babysitter that my daughter had pulled out the mortar and pestle, bashed some garlic, and added olive oil, lemon juice, and mustard. Her salad dressing was just like mine except she "forgot" the anchovies.

    - Phyllis Grant, Dash and Bella

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  • Mexican Molletes 5 of 16

    They can be interpreted as Mexican grilled cheese and bean heroes, and they are one of the most comforting foods I have eaten. They are wholesome with a thick layer of nurturing beans, have melted cheese on top, and can be tailored to my kids' tastes: crumbled bacon, chorizo, turkey, ham, or sautéed mushrooms. I always include fresh pico de gallo to garnish which makes it even healthier. 

    - Pati Jinich, Pati's Mexican Table

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  • Sweet and Spicy Chickpea Sauté 6 of 16

    There are too many to choose from, but if I had to, it would be this sweet and spicy chickpea sauté. This recipe has been passed down through generations of my family, and every time I make it, I am transported back to my childhood helping my grandfather a wedding chef in India.
    - Michelle Peters-Jones, The Tiffin Box 

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  • Bread and Butter Pickles 7 of 16

    The one recipe I plan on passing down to my kids is my father's bread and butter pickles. They are the best!

    - Kelsey Banfield, The Naptime Chef

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  • Cranberry Sauce 8 of 16

    The recipe I plan on passing down is my nonnie's cranberry sauce. It would not be Thanksgiving without it, and I think of my grandmother every time I make it. I hope that my children carry on the tradition.

    - Bree Hester, Baked Bree

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  • Black Mole 9 of 16

    Black mole is the Mexican dish that started my love of food. I love everything about it: its origin, cooking process, ingredients, and most of all its intense taste.

    - Ericka Sanchez, Nibbles and Feasts

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  • Chicken Soup 10 of 16

    I plan on passing lots of recipes down to my kids, but probably the most important one is chicken soup. It's both food and medicine, healthy and delicious, and something everyone should know how to make. Even vegetarians, should they decide to go that route, can nix the chicken and use mushrooms instead.

    - Tammy Donroe, Food on the Food

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  • Roasted Chicken 11 of 16

    The recipe I plan on passing down is the perfect-every-time roasted chicken that's always succulent and juicy.

    - Elizabeth Nyland, Guilty Kitchen

    Get the recipe for roasted chicken

  • Tamales 12 of 16

    We will definitely pass down to our kids how to make grandma's tamales. They all love tamales and we have a tamalada every year in December. They are learning how to spread the masa onto the cornhusk.

    - Evangelina Soza, Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack, and Veronica Gonzalez Smith, Muy Buono Cookbook

    Get the recipe for sweet coconut and pineapple tamales

  • Baked Anelletti 13 of 16

    Manu's Menu is all about traditional Italian food and family recipes, and one of our favorites is definitely baked anelletti. This is my Sicilian nonna's recipe for baked ring-shaped pasta with fried eggplant, cheese, and a delicious meat sauce.

    - Manuela Zangara, Manu's Menu

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  • Sourdough Starter 14 of 16

    I think a sourdough starter.  If any luck, I can pass on a bit of starter with the recipe.

    - Jenny McGruther, Nourished Kitchen

    Get the recipe for a sourdough starter

  • Outside-the-bird Thanksgiving Stuffing 15 of 16

    Every weekend when I was a child, we'd drive up to my grandmother's place a turn of the century Iowa farmhouse in the middle of nowhere that didn't have running water or indoor plumbing. In the summer, there was always the garden ... in the winter, frigid dashes to the outhouse. Grandma used a lot of JELL-O and marshmallows in her cooking, which isn't quite my style, but I've adopted many of her other recipes as my own. One, an outside-the-bird Thanksgiving stuffing is my go-to recipe for: a) comfort food, b) using up stale bread, and c) of course, Thanksgiving. It's an heirloom of simplicity.

    - Amanda Niehaus, Easy Peasy Organic

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  • Sinful Cinnamon Rolls 16 of 16

    More than likely that will be my recipe for sinful cinnamon rolls. This is a breakfast and holiday treat that is requested over and over since I first started making them. Even my little nephew asks if I have "any plans to make cinnamon rolls" when he comes for holidays. This recipe just works every time it never fails me so I don't even experiment with any others

    - Sarah Kenney, Snippets of Thyme

    Get the recipe for sinful cinnamon rolls


What recipe do you plan on passing down to your kids? Tell us in the comments!

Check back next month for a new set of recipes from our top food bloggers — and until then, check out what dishes they shared with us last year! 

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