Food Blogger Bites: 15 Homemade Snacks for Road Trips This Summer

Are we there yet? I’m hungry! She’s touching me again. Now are we there yet? Does this sound like your last summer road trip? Well, maybe it wouldn’t if you had something delicious and healthy to stuff into those adorable (but sometimes too talkative) little mouths — and the chewier the better. How about a homemade dark chocolate and dried cranberry granola bar, cheesy kale chips, or some slow-cooked sweet and spicy nuts? On second thought, maybe just let the kids whine and enjoy all these delicious treats yourself! Either way, nothing makes the long drive go more smoothly than good snacks that keep everyone satisfied — and maybe just a little bit quieter.

With that in mind, we’ve made the next stop on our 2013 Food Blogger Bites series all about travel-ready treats. We asked our Top 100 Mom Food Bloggers to tell us their favorite homemade snacks for road trips. Check out their go-to recipes below! — Max Minckler

  • Gram Fritters 1 of 15

    Also known as biscuit ambade, these weirdly named, but utterly moreish gram fritters are my choice. I throw them in a few Tupperware containers with coconut chutney, and they are the most delicious Indian-style snack to take on our Canadian road trips.
    — Michelle Peters Jones, The Tiffin Box
    Get the recipe for gram fritters

  • Olive Oil Lemon Cookies 2 of 15

    My kids are two little cookie monsters, so in an attempt to keep snacks healthy, I often bake my olive oil lemon cookies. The kids go crazy for them and have no idea how good they are for them, too!  They have no butter, are healthier than many other cookies, and are super easy to carry around!
    Manuela Zangara, Manu's Menu
    Get the recipe for olive oil lemon cookies


  • Candied Cinnamon and Sugar Pecans and Almonds 3 of 15

    These pecans and almonds are not only delicious, but are so easy to make as well. They're also quite addictive! They are not nearly as bad for you as they sound nuts are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals and are perfect for a road trip!
    — Jonna Warnke, Get off your butt and bake
    Get the recipe for candied cinnamon and sugar pecans and almonds

  • Oatmeal On-the-go Bars and Peach Fruit Leather 4 of 15

    It's a total toss up! Whenever we go on a summertime road trip I make these two recipes. Because the oatmeal on-the-go bars are so nutritious and filling for long rides and the peach leather stays fresh for weeks, I know I've got a healthy treat in my bag to offer everyone when we're somewhere that only has junky snacks.
    — Catherine McCord, Weelicious
    Get the recipes for oatmeal on-the-go bars and peach fruit leather

  • Homemade Cheddar Crackers 5 of 15

    It's always good to have sweet things for the car but it's not like we can eat that in quantity. However, we have no problem eating these super simple homemade cheddar crackers all day long up and down Route 66. These are the perfect munchy snack and so easy to make.
    Stacie Billis, One Hungry Mama
    Get the recipe for homemade cheddar crackers

  • Easy Peasy Peanut Butter Cookies 6 of 15

    I often make a big batch of cookies for our summer road trips.  I try to stick with somewhat healthy ones, like these easy peasy peanut butter cookies, which are one of my favorites. 
    Amanda Niehaus, Easy Peasy Organic
    Get the recipe for easy peasy peanut butter cookies

  • Caveman Crunch 7 of 15

    Before a big trip I will put out 8 or 9 different trail mix add-ins and all the kids get to grab a bag and make their own unique combination. It's a traveling tradition that they look forward to. I sometimes make caveman crunch, too, with dried blueberries, dried cherries, roasted coconut, pistachios, and sliced almonds!
    Julia Mastbrook, Mommie Cooks
    Get the recipe for caveman crunch

  • Green Tea Steamed Cakes 8 of 15

    My steamed cakes are very easy to make and ready in only 20 minutes! This recipe is versatile and you can make them with chocolate chips, vanilla, cheese, or sweet potatoes! 
    Namiko Chen, Just One Cookbook
    Get the recipe for green tea steamed cakes

  • Cheesy Kale Chips with Miso, Garlic, and Dulse 9 of 15

    We go on a lot of road trips and I always pack my cheesy kale chips. They are just perfect to have on the road — and so healthy, too!
    Jenny McGruther, Nourished Kitchen
    Get the recipe for cheesy kale chips

  • Dark Chocolate and Dried Cranberry Granola Bars 10 of 15

    I made these granola bars last summer, and everyone said they enjoyed them. They are very nutritious, dense, and flavorful, with the sweet cherries offsetting the hint of bitterness in the chocolate. 
    — Sarah Kenney, Snippets of Thyme
    Get the recipe for dark chocolate and dried cranberry bars

  • Mango, Jicama, and Cucumber Salad 11 of 15

    My favorite snack to make for summer road trips is our mango, jicama, and cucumber salad. Our kids love all things mango so this salad is a no-brainer for the entire family — naturally sweet and so good for you.
    — Veronica Smith, Muy Bueno Cookbook
    Get the recipe for mango, jicama, and cucumber Salad

  • Wheat Berry and Strawberry Spinach Salad 12 of 15

    In the summer on road trips to the beach, I love to pack hearty simple salads that can be thrown together without too much fuss. Fresh summer strawberries make this salad a sweet treat for lunch.
    Louise Mellor, Geez Louise
    Get the recipe for wheat berry and strawberry spinach salad

  • Honey Millet Blueberry Muffins 13 of 15

    I usually go with anything that isn't sticky and won't melt when it falls under a toddler's warm little behind! I keep things simple and pack cubed cheese, grapes, and crackers. I'll also make a few healthy mini muffins, like these honey millet blueberry muffins.
    Anna Thomas Bates, Tallgrass Kitchen
    Get the recipe for honey millet blueberry muffins

  • Mexican-style Fruit and Vegetable Snackers 14 of 15

    Every year when summer comes, I begin craving fresh, Mexican street cart-style fruits and vegetables. Fresh mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, jicama with lime juice, a sprinkle of salt, and ground chili piquing are exactly what I want — and what I want for my kids. They are healthy, refreshing, and addicting. You just cut them into matchsticks, mix in the toppings, and put them in a container to go! They don't get soggy, but instead macerate and become even better after a couple hours of sitting around.
    — Patricia Jinich, Pati's Mexican Table
    Get the recipe for Mexican-style fruit and vegetable snackers

  • Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Nuts 15 of 15

    I love to snack on nuts, and my slow cooker recipe is my favorite. You can make a bunch at a time, and they travel really well. They're great energy-boosters if you're the driver, and the kids love them too! 
    — Bree Hester, Baked Bree
    Get the recipe for slow cooker sweet and spicy nuts


What’s your favorite homemade snack for summer road trips? Tell us in the comments!

Check back next month for a new set of recipes from our top food bloggers — and until then, check out these 16 timeless recipes to pass down to your kids!

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