Food Favorites from the '80s: The Best Treats from When We Were Kids

Growing up in the 1980’s was kid fabulous. We had shows just for us (Smurfs, anyone?), shoes just for us (L.A. Gear Brats, anyone?) and a slew of food products geared to our childlike advertising and taste preferences. It was a great time to be a child. Which, as it turns out, makes a nostalgic walk down memory-lane extra fun. Because there are so many foods from that era that didn’t just define dinner, they defined our entire world. Here are a few of my favorite foods from the 1980’s. Stuff I really miss. From cereal to candy, and everywhere in between. Take a look at my favorite memories, then chime in with yours!

  • Bonkers! 1 of 10
    Remember the uptight teacher who took one bite of Bonkers, gets knocked out by a giant bunch of grapes, and starts laughing uncontrollably? "Bonkers, bonks you out." Was a favorite of my childhood candy years. It's chewy, fruit texture left an oily texture on my teeth, but that didn't stop me from buying every flavor again and again.
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  • Giggles Cookies 2 of 10
    Giggles Cookies boasted two flavors of crème--chocolate and vanilla--and took a page from Cracker Jacks by offering a free prize inside every pack. Why natural selection picked Oreo's over these classic 80's cookies is beyond me.
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  • Bazooka Gum in a Tube 3 of 10
    Look! Right there on the bottom! Do you see it? Do you remember it?! Squeezable Bazooka gum in a toothpaste-like tube turned childhood summers from lame to rad. With a sugary texture that made your teeth hurt, this version of the gum must've also been a dentist's best friend.
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  • TMNT Pudding Pies 4 of 10
    The real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles loved their pizza pies, so what better way to create a junk food spinoff of the successful cartoon series that a Hostess Pie filled with vanilla pudding, dyed to a sickly green, then offered with free trading cars. Can I get a "Cowabunga, dudes!"?
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  • Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid 5 of 10
    Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid was introduced along with a loveable talking mascot, double Kool-Aid points in every pack, and quickly came a favorite flavor, despite the fact that it tasted oddly like….well…grape.
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  • Smurf Berry Crunch 6 of 10
    Unless you were living under a mushroom somewhere, the Smurfs were probably a staple part of your 80's upbringing. Saturday morning cartoons? Yes. Saturday mornings cartoons with a bowl of Smurf Berry Crunch?> Now that's what I call Smurfalicious.
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  • Jell-O Pudding Pops 7 of 10
    When my mom threw a get-together, I knew it had turned into a party when the Jell-O Pudding Pops were passed around. All the kids would gather around and fight for the limited supply of chocolate-vanilla swirled pops, then bound off in our supershort shorts and Aqua-Netted hair to enjoy a hot summer day on our trampoline.
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  • Mr. T 8 of 10
    I pity da fool who never got to dig into a bowl of Mr. T Cereal. As if watching The A-Team on weeknights wasn't enough , now you could sit down every morning with everybody's favorite gold-chained dude.
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  • New York Seltzer 9 of 10
    New York Seltzer, with its multitude of flavors in the always-clear soda was the Pellegrino of my 80's childhood. Rather than breaking out the bubbly, our neighbors would fling open their cupboards, revealing pink, purple, blue, and green packaged bottles of flavored Seltzer water. My favorite? Black Cherry all the way baby.
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