Food for Toddlers in Daycare

  • Food for Toddlers in Daycare 1 of 16
    15 snacks and meals to pack for lunch
  • Quinoa Pear Muffins 2 of 16
    Super-grain quinoa is the star ingredient of these moist muffins, which also have subtle hints of spice. Make a batch in advance and enjoy them all week long.
    Make quinoa pear muffins »
  • Nut-Free Granola Bars 3 of 16
    Chances are good that one (or a few) of your kid’s playmates will have some form of nut allergy. If your kid is a “sharer,” play it safe with these nut-free treats.
    Make nut-free granola bars »
  • FUNtastic Party Sandwiches 4 of 16
    Banish the lunchbox blues by turning everyday sandwiches into out-of-this-world creations, like this rocket ship.
    Make FUNtastic party sandwiches »
  • Homemade Lunchables 5 of 16
    What is it about Lunchables that makes kids go gaga? You can prepare them at home in no time, and your tot will love assembling the mini sandwiches himself.
    Make Lunchables at home »
  • Peanut Butter Strawberry Wrap 6 of 16
    Here’s a healthier take on the classic PB&J. It uses real strawberries instead of jam, which could easily ooze onto your kid’s shirt instead of her mouth anyway.
    Make a peanut butter strawberry wrap »
  • Chicken Nuggets 7 of 16
    Forego fast food for the homemade, baked version of this popular kid’s meal, and your toddler’s daycare pals will be watching him with envy at the lunch table.
    Make chicken nuggets »
  • Barley with Shiitakes and Spinach 8 of 16
    Barley’s mild taste makes this an ideal lunch for young eaters who aren’t quite ready
    for bold flavors.
    Make barley with shiitakes and spinach »
  • Quesadillas 9 of 16
    Bring taco night to daycare with these (more portable) quesadillas! Heat ’em up in the morning and pack them in foil so they’ll stay warm enough ‘til lunchtime.
    Make quesadillas »
  • Pinto Bean Dip with Pita and Carrots 10 of 16
    It’s easy to make, fun to eat and most importantly, appeals to the limited diet of a preschooler.
    Make pinto bean dip »
  • Honey-Glazed Carrots 11 of 16
    If raw carrots prove too tough on the teeth for a daytime snack, this softer, boiled version also boosts the veggie’s sweetness.
    Make honey-glazed carrots »
  • Vegetable and Nut Bread 12 of 16
    Feel free to customize the veggies and nuts you bake into this hearty bread based on what your little eater likes the most. Slip a nice and chunky slice into his lunchbox to make sure he’ll stay full until you pick him up.
    Make vegetable and nut bread »
  • Apple Slices With Nutella 13 of 16
    Tart apples and chocolate-y Nutella will make this snack the hit of the lunchroom. You might want to pack a few extra slices for your tot’s friends ...
    Make apple slices with Nutella »
  • Grape Jiggle Cups 14 of 16
    Jello gives these cups a fun jiggle without the potential for wardrobe disaster that comes from other desserts (think hot fudge, whipped cream, popsicles ...).
    Make grape jiggle cups »
  • Pumpkin Hermits 15 of 16
    Since it’s not exactly convenient to stick a slice of cake into a paper bag, opt instead for one of these portable cake-like cookies, which get a nutritional boost from pumpkin puree.
    Make pumpkin hermits »
  • Chocolate-Covered Animal Crackers 16 of 16
    Okay, so maybe these don’t score big healthy points, but they will definitely put a smile on your little one’s face while she’s away from home.
    Make chocolate-covered animal crackers »

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