23 Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Image Source: Brooke McLay
Image Source: Brooke McLay

Cat videos and songs-that-get-stuck-in-your-head aside, the Internet is full of the coolest ideas for kids and parents. (And we’re not talking about those weird Pinterest things that never actually work.)

When it comes to the kitchen, we’ve seen so many clever, simple recipes and supercool timesaving tricks, that we’ve found ourselves exclaiming aloud: “Now why didn’t I think of that?!” Obviously dubious from clickbait ideas and crafts-gone-wrong, we decided to try out a few of our favorite ideas.

And guess what, we found 23 that totally worked! Forget the zany ideas that you’ll never need. Here’s the list of real-life, we-actually-tried-it-and-it-worked food hacks that every family should know:

1. Perfect Pie Crust Using Pearls

Make a beautiful pie crust with a strand of Grandma’s pearls. This simple hack makes a gorgeously crimped edge on your pastries or pies. (via Babble)

2015-08 Use a Strand of Pearls to Make a Perfect Pie Crust 5 (1 of 1)
Image Source: Brooke McLay

2. Birthday Cake Makeover

Make a cute cake decoration by pressing a cookie cutter into the top of a cake and filling it with sprinkles. Remove the cutter and a pretty shape will be left behind. Perfect for putting the birthday kid’s age on top of a cake! (via Babble)

2015-08 Sprinkles Cake Hack 4 (1 of 1)
Image Source: Brooke McLay

3. Pizza Waffles

Don’t wait for take-out! Stuff two refrigerated biscuits with cheese, sauce, and pepperoni and bake in a waffle iron for instant Pizza Waffles. (via Babble)

2015-08 Inside Out Waffle Pizza Final4 (1 of 1)
Image Source: Brooke McLay

4. S’mores Cones

Hack your camping experience with this simple, kid-friendly idea. Stuff all of the ingredients for s’mores in a sugar cone, wrap in foil, then cook over a campfire or grill grate. Outdoorsy has never been so easy! (via Babble)

2015-08 Smores Cone 10 (1 of 1)
image source: brooke mclay

5. 2-Ingredient FroYo Bites

Make mini froyo snacks in seconds with just two ingredients and an ice cube tray. Though we love how simple this idea is, we think the best part is how healthy and yummy they are. (via Babble)

2015-08 Frozen Yogurt Bites Final 5 (1 of 1)
Image Source: Brooke McLay

6. Hash Brown Waffles (from Tater Tots)

You don’t need a skillet to make killer hash browns — just press tater tots in a waffle iron and you’ll have golden hash browns in minutes. Sweet potato hash browns work, too! (via Babble)

2015-08 Waffle Iron Hashbrowns - Sweet Potato Tots 4 (1 of 1)
Image Source: Brooke McLay

 7. “Cake” Pops

You don’t need cake to make these adorable “Cake” Pops. Filled with rolled rice krispie balls, you get all the fun of a sweet treat to eat, without any of the fuss and muss that traditionally accompanies cake pop making. (via Babble)

Image Source: Dawn Meehan

8. 1-Minute, 1-Ingredient Frosting

How does a busy parent make a batch of beautifully frosted cupcakes? Use a marshmallow, that’s how. This surprising cupcake hack is a total life-saver, especially during bake sale season! (via Babble)

Image Source: Sheri Silver

9. Popsicle Drip Catcher

Here’s a clever idea: thread a cupcake liner on a popsicle stick and your kids can enjoy a drip-free treat. (via Babble)

Image Source: Sheri Silver

10. Cinnamon Roll Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sure, you can buy a package of ice cream sandwiches, but why miss out on the fun of making a gourmet version in minutes, by baking refrigerated cinnamon roll dough in the waffle iron? Click through to see an extra-clever hack for slicing the perfect rounds of ice cream for your goodies, too. So many clever ideas, one delicious treat. (via Babble)

Image Source: Chris Nguyen

11. Cauliflower Rice

Eating paleo, going grain-free, or just want to sneak in a few more veggies? This easy idea for homemade rice actually doesn’t use any rice at all! Grab a head of cauliflower and we’ll show you what to do. (via Babble)

Image Source: Sheri Silver
Image Source: Sheri Silver

12. Pinterest-Worthy Store-Bought Cookies

A pack of store-bought teabags, sugar, lemon, and a pack of cookies are all you need to make pretty shortbread. Just drizzle a bit of glaze and sprinkle some dried flowers (from your teabag) over the cookies. They are great for weddings, baby showers, and other elegant parties, but they only take a few minutes to make! (via Babble)

Image Source: Robin Clement

13. 2-Ingredient Ice Cream

Believe it or not, a few frozen bananas and a bit of chocolate turns into this deliciously creamy dessert when whipped up in a food processor or hi-speed blender. If you haven’t yet made 2-ingredient Banana Ice Cream, you’ve gotta try this hack tonight! (via Babble)

Image Source: Ole & Shaina Olmanson

14. Pancakes Muffins for On-the-Go

Turn pancake batter into yummy mini muffins that are perfect for toting along with you on busy mornings. (via Babble)

Image Source: Macki West

15. 2-Ingredients Brownies

Make a batch of gooey, delicious brownies using just an egg and Nutella. It’s true! We tried it, and these easy two-ingredient chocolate treats totally work. (via Babble)

Image Source: Sheri Silver

16. Apple Pie Fries

Slice up some pie crust, add apple sauce in between two layers, sprinkle a little sugar on top, and bake until golden. Then invite your kids to dip these Apple Pie Fries into ice cream. Such a cute and simple dessert! (via Babble)

Image Source: Sheri Silver

17. No-Bake Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Feeling lazy? Or simply feeling awesome? You can feel both things when you whip up a cake by stacking store-bought ice cream sandwiches on top of each other. We’re kind of in love with it. (via Babble)

Image Source: Sheri Silver

18. One-Pot Lasagna

You don’t have to bake a casserole dish of noodles to get killer lasagna. All you need is a stovetop, a skillet, and ingredients for this to-die-for recipe. (via Babble)

Image Source: Brooke McLay

19. Chocolate Bowls

Melt a little chocolate, dip a balloon in it, then finish it all off with a shower of sprinkles. That’s the super simple idea behind this clever kitchen craft that’ll have your kiddos “bursting” with excitement. (via Babble)

Image Source: Sheri Silver

20. Crock-Pot Pizza

Wish the Pizza Man would just put you on auto-delivery? Now you can have all the family-friendly goodness of pizza, ready as soon as you’re home from work. Because, pizza. In the slow cooker. Is actually a thing. (via Babble)

Image Source: Brooke McLay

21. 2-Ingredient Pancakes

Forget that boxed pancake mix. You can make healthy paleo-approved pancakes using just a banana and an egg. Give this one a try — you’ll never need another mix again! (via Babble)

image source: sheri silver
image source: sheri silver

22. One-Pot Pasta

Forget what your Italian grandmother told you. You don’t have to boil the pasta, drain the pasta, and make the sauce in a whole nother pot. Just toss it all in one pot, boil, and serve. This recipe for One-Pot Linguine will walk you right through the whole scrumptiously simple process. (via Babble)

Image Source: Sheri Silver

23. Mug Cakes

Got a hankering for a quick treat? These mug recipes make it easy to microwave your favorite treats, in one-serving portions. Grab a coffee mug, mix up these basic ingredients, and make yourself a Mug Cake (or four!). (via Babble)

image source: Paula Jones
image source: Paula Jones
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