Food Nostalgia: Candy!

After spending Thanksgiving with my family and listening to the kids say they are thankful for candy, it got us all talking about our favorite candy as a kid. So take a trip down memory lane and check out some of these classic candies from my youth.

  • Fun Dip 1 of 25
    Fun Dip
    I would make this last forever and would end up eating the stick before the powder was gone, leaving me to dip with my finger
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  • Rock Candy 2 of 25
    Rock Candy
    To me this was a waste, it wasn't sour enough, wasn't chocolate, and was rough on the mouth, but my sister loved it
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  • Pixy Stix 3 of 25
    Pixy Stix
    The hole in the straw would get narrower and narrower with each mouth pour
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  • Pop Rocks 4 of 25
    Pop Rocks
    The stuff kids candy dreams are made of
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  • Ring Pop 5 of 25
    Ring Pop
    I actually wore this thinking I looked like I had a lovely jewel on, then I would take lick to make it super shiny.
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  • Bubble Tape 6 of 25
    Bubble Tape
    Bubble gum in a tape dispenser=awesome
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  • Big League Chew 7 of 25
    Big League Chew
    I used to pretend I was a ball player. I'd get a wad of big league chew, grab my crotch and spit
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  • Chiclet Tiny Size 8 of 25
    Chiclet Tiny Size
    I love these! Tear open a pack of tiny gum, pop a few in and chew. 10 seconds later when the flavor is gone, pop in a few more. Repeat for 2 minutes, then spit out the flavorless wad
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  • Double Bubble 9 of 25
    Double Bubble
    I always had my hopes up for a soft one, but 9 times out of ten it was like chewing on rock
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  • Bazooka 10 of 25
    Bazooka Joe, a comic, your fortune, and gum?! We hit the jackpot with this little treasure
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  • Now and Later’s 11 of 25
    Now and Later's
    My sister or some random unnamed person got 3 cavities and 2 teeth pulled from this wonder food
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  • Fruit Stripe Gum 12 of 25
    Fruit Stripe Gum
    If you had this, you were in the cool crowd
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  • Bottle Caps 13 of 25
    Bottle Caps
    Why would they name a candy after a metal cap on a bottle?
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  • Candy Cigars 14 of 25
    Candy Cigars
    Get 'em while they're young
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  • Super Rode Red Licorice 15 of 25
    Super Rode Red Licorice
    This was in my stocking last year and I ate the entire thing in less than a minute
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  • Zots 16 of 25
    We used to play Cujo with foaming mouths
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  • Chick-O-Stick 17 of 25
    It's like a naked butterfinger, only better
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  • Lemon Heads 18 of 25
    Lemon Heads
    Contest: who made the funniest sour face?
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  • Nerds 19 of 25
    I remember when these came out. The awesome package with the little pull back piece that would open the hole for proper mouth dumping
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  • Atomic Fire Balls 20 of 25
    Atomic Fire Balls
    I was never into catching my mouth on fire, but my candy loving sister was
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  • Wax Lips 21 of 25
    Wax Lips
    This is what we used before lip injections
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  • Wax Bottles 22 of 25
    Wax Bottles
    I used to make fake retainers out of the wax.
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  • Hubba Bubba 23 of 25
    Hubba Bubba
    My sister once slept with an entire pack of orange hubba bubba in her mouth. She woke up glued to her bed and my mom had to cut her out.
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  • Whatchamacallit 24 of 25
    The person who came up with this name is a genius because every kid was obsessed with it
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  • Reeses Pieces 25 of 25
    Reeses Pieces
    E.T. need I say more?
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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